The Only Guarantee I Can Guarantee

-All Out of Faith -

Dare I make such a point in a title of a post? Dare I use this writing as a doctrine against my own Platform? Dare I not write some rhetoric filled manifesti completely slanted in my favor?
Dare accepted.

I remember as a younger version when I first became intrigued with concepts of government. I was obsessed with truth, obsessed with power, obsessed with understanding. I was more or less the image of the Alt-Left. Attacking, criticizing, and ridiculing; as rightfully so. At least in theory.

Organized religion deserves contempt and ridicule, this Judeo worship is pathetic, sickening, and blasphemous. However constantly attacking those that believe in such nonsense such as the chosen (((Cancers))).
The more you challenge something… especially in ideology the more resistance.Much like gravity. With a push comes a pull. How far can you push an individual before they begin to pull.This is elementary physics’ at work.

We are all psychopaths; attempting to force psychopaths into waters that counter the routine of other psychopaths. These un-comfortabilities; forms conformity. This conformity is the consequence of "gravity"; as a way of example.

A psychopath’s nature is really the basics of human behavior. Deceptive(status), secretive(guilt/humiliation), and baby steps(agenda). The frog in water analogy.Any sudden change causes an outburst, the snap, war, etc. Which only goes on to demonstrate my point of a Psychotic system.
The how and why’s of society.The reason it works the way it does.

Progressive is literally the term used for Baby Steps. Now keep in mind Progressive is both political parties and Ideology.
"Socialism is but a baby step from Communism."- (((Karl Marx)))
Baby Steps In Family Faith. - Baptism program to support Catholic Families.Baby Steps in Addiction, Baby Step here, Baby step there, Baby Stepping Everywhere.
As all has nothing to do with the innocence of a newborn. In fact the polar opposite since progressive considers Abortion, Progress.

A society who use to worship their Youth, is now a Society that seeks to Slaughter them in the name of progress, which came in the form of Baby Steps.
Seven Steps to Success Every PMS(Power, Money, Success) syndrome cult.

Truth is there are NO STEPS. You either do it or you don’t. Step programs are designed to make everything seem complicated, confusing, and destroys initiative. Making you or anybody dependent on a system for success… which does not even work in the first place.
So many become so obsessed with the steps they do not even know what their goal was to begin with. I rest my case.

Turning attention away for a moment to look at this is in a different light.
Using drug counseling and programs of the like.
Which offer a step program… which generally ends in utter failure. A scam made to make money and keep individuals in a cycle. Successful cases… may seem successful until you realize their addiction changed to what they were prescribed as Treatment.
Replacing an addiction with an addiction is not treatment. These Anti-psychotic drugs are labeled successful. Notice the word Anti- “Psychotic.” Which is a mind altering drug? What happened to the step program?

Some will say so what… they are better now. Which is a statement extremely far from the truth.
These drugs help lock individuals into a psychotic trance; normally killing emotions; critical thinking; increasing depression; and in many cases Mass Murder & creating Suicidal Zombies.This is not opinion but fact.

Strangely enough this scientific approach is identical with religion.
No better business than the sick; or deceiving people into thinking they are sick when in truth they are not.

When one is all out of faith… they surrender everything and give up. Once this takes place, an institution grows. The industry reaps in bigger profits; which all started from a penny brochure about some bogus step program. Baby steps eventually turn into giant leaps.

The idea is to break you; each step is designed to destroy you little by little; until you can take no more; usually ending in self-hatred, pity and blame on yourself. Creating Masochist looking for anything at all to latch onto.

We as a species are capable of murder. Capable of genocide.Capable of supposedly going to the moon. Capable of curing disease. Capable of whatever we put our minds to.

Where Murder is Psychotic, Genocide is Psychotic, putting individuals on a Missile and firing them into the sky on the back of a Giant Bomb is Psychotic, Curing disease is even psychotic for how many innocents were executed; human life’s destroyed; animals tested upon and still are killed violently and gruesome every day; bred to die; in search for a cure for something?

Only a Psychopath is capable of these practices… now look in the mirror. Psychopathic is feeling, it is caring, it is fighting, loving, and sadness. Everything us Individuals do is routine, everything we do is Psychotic, and everything we say is Psychopathic. So why do we deny this?

We all claim freewill, but majority don’t want responsibility.
We turn a blind eye to real society; sugar coating it with glitter, colors, and rainbows so we do not see the truth. Majority are scared of the reality and admitting the fact of life of being psychopathic; which is why they hide behind walls of churches and play pretend.

I am not against beliefs or faiths, for I am Christian. However, Christianity comes with responsibility! It takes strength, courage, and determination. It takes Blood, Sweat, and Tears, Sacrifice, and Struggle. Not put yours hands together kumbaya the preachers charged you for.

This is why drug addicts and the addicted seek to get obliterated, to escape the responsibility.
Conjectured all out of faith is the denial they are not indeed Psychopaths. Separating the successful from the supposed unlucky. As psychotic as this all may seem, this is the valid concept of reality.

The baby step of Gun Control is now the push, using the very narrative I am explaining here. Anybody who is human, who feels, thinks, loves, hates, and lives is medically psychopathic. You have to be in order to fall in love; you have to be to die for what you believe in.
I myself am a Psychopath like anyone else all out of faith; who is all out of faith the people will recognize these verifiable truths.

When the Government says "Red Flag Laws" and you think that does not apply to you, you are in fact a fool eating up the "Baby Step Program." What is sane?

When, Faggotry is promoted as Healthy? When, Babies are Slaughtered in celebration?When, Mean Words are a Prison Sentence? When quoting History is a Hate Crime? When Scientific Statistics is deemed Racist? Where wanting to be a Man and raise a Family is considered Toxic Masculinity? When your Country manufactures everything it can for Israel, but shun those they are suppose to serve?

Define Psychopathic!

If it is ME - wanting to burn this entire (((Communist))) system hanging every traitor, segregate races in order protect Western Civilization, scream history from the top of my lungs, execute every baby killer, throw diseased faggots off rooftops and commies out of helicopters, in the name of sanity. To house those I love and raise my family.

Then Yes I am Psychopathic. My question is WHY ARENT YOU?
I am not offering a step program. I am offering you the harsh undeniable truth.



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