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Link NatSoc Theory

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"You don't develop courage by being happy in your relationships everyday. You develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity." --Epicurus

So allow me to start speaking, in Hylian, and in a format, tone, and way for those not familiar with the Zelda Franchise Story-line.

Starting with: "The Legend of Zelda’ has many Pagan and/or Shaman themes and pre-historic symbolically. Worldy religions and such are in many productions as is no secret nor mysterious in any sense of the word. However, prepare to see Zelda in a way you have never seen it before.

The Triforce which is the most famous Center Symbol of the Entire Franchise and is referred to as
“The Golden Power” in ancient Hylian literature.

The Triforce is an omnipotent sacred relic, representing Essence of the Golden-haired Goddesses who created the realm of Hyrule. 

The Triforce is legend to have appeared where departing the realm for the heavens or Valhalla: “hall of the slain.”

So at core "The Triforce" is based on ancient Nordic Rune symbolizing the Nine Worlds. 
You start seeing where 9Neins got its inspiration. 


To save time and A LOT of reading and writing, in which I could easily write an entire book on - 
I instead will focus primarily on "Ocarina of Time, due to familiarity on a Mass scale. 

Each Chapter of the story of "The Legend of Zelda" is identical in nearly every way overall, with MUCH MORE In Depth evidence of what I am & will be mentioning in this writing. 
Consider this writing the tip of the spear.

Formal Introduction:

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’ was released in 1998 and is considered by many to be one of the greatest games of all time. The fact that it has sold millions of copies all over the World attest to the fact that the anti-Jewish struggle is a very attractive and appealing concept that draws the attention of everybody on Earth who wants to achieve justice and freedom. 

In attacking the Jew, one is battling evil itself.
(Notice instantly at the Cover the hooknose Jew in the corner)

6 Temples Protected by 6 sages.

  • Earth = Forrest
  • Water = River/Ocean 
  • Fire = Volcano 
  • KakarikoVillage = Shadow
  • Desert = Spirit
  • Temple = Time/Light
3 Spiritual Stones open the Temple of Time/Light.

  • 1 is Life (Reignite a Rocks Heart -Goron Headmaster)
  • 1 is Commitment (Promises, Promises, Promises -Zora princess)
  • 1 is Death (Experience Death and Loss -Deku Tree)

The 3 Stones also serve to create Future Bonds and Prophecy.

Powerful stuff!

  • Pretty typical basic stuff 3 stone + 6 Temples = 
  • Nordic rune symbolizing the 9 Worlds + Master Sword = 10 
  • A reset for Matrix Fans. 
  • A Complete cycle for Mythology fans. 
  • A full 360 Circle for Geometry and Astrology fans.
The Four Seasons.

This is where things start getting very interesting.

Kakariko Village is a just outside Hyrule City (Hylian Royal Family). 

Notice: Village=Shadow and Desert=Spirit.
Very important and one who has played before may already know the Shadow in the Village is Foreign. 
monster that Plagues "our people" whom we have sealed away below the city.
"Shadow" is obviously the polar opposite of "Light", as the Hylians are of the Light.

Meanwhile, the "Spirit" must be found and reclaimed in the "Desert", which is home to Thieves/Matriarchy(Home of Feminism)Ganondorfs Tribe.
Sound Familiar?
Stick it out and you will begin to see just how connected these things truly are to the story, as will begin dropping truth bombs in which to my knowledge and theory you can not find anywhere else on the internet (Yet) and will demonstrate just how deep the Jew naming, connections, and story truly go.
Two of the most important items that will need to be gathered includes.
  1. In which a Lens of Truth must be acquired to see the unseen. (Knowledge)
Keep the color of the Lens of Truth in mind. 
    2. A Mirror Shield in the Spirit Temple. (Self Reflection)

    Both are necessary in order to acquire the "Master" Sword to vanquish "Demise" the demon of Darkness who Manifest himself within Ganondorf the Magician from the Desert who summoned "Demise". 

    And with that we have reached the end of the synopsis of Zelda.

    To summarize in fewer words. Rid Hyrule of this Pure Evil Jewry that brings only death and misery.

    The amount of red-pills in this simple breakdown makes red-pilled rooster go crazy, as will go absolute berserk as we continue.
    The Jew is being named on so many levels it is amazing its character was not scribbled in hieroglyphics somewhere. Let's just add one shall we.

    Now that a synopsis of everything that is taking place has been laid out, lets begin to Link some History, as well as propose an undeniable theory.

    Keeping the Shadow and Spirit in mind lets try and gather who is who.

    How do we do that we follow the clues.
    Such as we know the Shadow is not Light, as Light is Hylian.
    As we know Spirit is in the desert. Shadow+Spirit+Light= 3 entity's.

    We need a main focus point, and Zelda gifts us that focus point.

    The original "Mirror Shield" had a "Star and Moon Crescent" resembling the "Islamic" symbol but 
    this was changed in later releases to the new Crest of the Gerudo because of this religious resemblance. 

    Whats the big deal?

    Well the fact we have established the Triforce is Nordic Symbolism. 
    Link is Blonde hair, Blue Eyes, and Golden Blonde Hair are the Goddesses of Hyrule who incarnates as Aryan Princess Zelda. 

    Why would the shield be Islamic? Better question why remove the "Islamic Symbol"? 

    Of course the typical excuse is religion outrage, pc culture, and other ridiculous things that created outcry, complains, are all credited to all the supposed reasoning. 

    I think differently? 
    Keep in mind this is 1998 we are talking about. 

    Islam was not a big deal for another 3 years. 
    As the "Gerudo" symbol being the "Islamic Symbol" was clearly no accident.

    The message was already out now.
    In which the removal met very little resistance from the Zelda team for it had no serious impact on the Zelda Story nor Gameplay. Zelda Team will find more genius ways of making this Clue "Link" even more so blatantly evident in future releases. 

    However, even with the removal lets follow this shield. 

    They had no idea. :) Sure, Sure.

    The shield was and is a Massive Insight to one who is already Jew Woke 
    or well read in History. 
    For the normal person they may not see the significance, 
    to the curious this is a Massive key to Understanding Zelda. 

    For those who found the shield controversial are blind to the reasoning. 
    For those that think because of the shields removal disqualifies what I am about to say.

    Ask yourself why was this "Mirror Shield" in the Spirit Temple?
    A Temple that is an outpost to thieving Jews?
    Jews are not Muslim nor Islamic.

    Answer - we must also look at the second part of the Shield Controversy of the "Islamic Symbol" on the Mirror Shield which includes a soundtrack to the Fire Temple which was also removed. 
    The "Soundtrack" in the "Fire Temple" was a "Muslim Prayer".

    If that is not a direct giveaway by now this was no accident, then consider this.

    This hints to the "Mirror Shield" being "Stolen" for its "Light" which is found resting in the.
    (((Gerudos))) "Evil Goddess Statue" hands in the desert. Damn Jewish Thieves.

    Does the controversy make more sense now? 
    If this was all "accident", "unintentional" or "coincidence".
    You are only deceiving yourself. 

    This destroys the notion Gerudos are Muslim, but in fact Jewish.
    In which I know sounds out there but follow me, and keep in mind the Stolen "Mirror Shield" is "Red" for Fire Temple not Spirit Temple.

    Ok, that makes perfect sense but...

    Mirror Shield originates in Minnish Cap in the Veil Falls/Death Mountain(Goron).
    Which shows it was stolen by (((Gerudo))) in Ocarina of Time and taken to 
    SpiritTemple in the Desert.

    In the Fallen Timeline, although defeated seems the Mirror Shield was returned.
    A Link to the Past - Turtle Rock/DeathMountain(Goron)
    Links Awakening - Eagles Nest/TalTal Mountain Range(Goron)

    In the Child Timeline, seems to be lost in the desert sand in the midst of a Civil War.
    Majoras Mask - Bottom of well, similar to Kakariko village. never to have been collected. 
    Yet, in the Tombs of Ikana Castle. The design is even more so telling to reference.
    (Now remember to keep the "Lens of Truth" Color, now also keep the image of the Mirror Shield you see here)

    Adult Timeline. 
    "You must head for these two temples. Unfortunately, Ganon 
    seems to have erected some sort of magical barrier down here in Hyrule, 
    blocking our path to the temples. But...each temple should have another entrance 
    high upon Hyrule's mountaintops, which are now islands above the sea." 
    — King of Red Lions
    WindWaker - Earth Temple(Goron)

    We will come back to the Mirror Shield later. 

    As the Red Lions is also massive!

    How amazing! lets continue.

    Promotional artwork of A Link to the past; Link holding the Magic Shield
    This is not the first time the Zelda Franchise came under attack for the Shield/Religious aspect.
    Go figure Christianity and Islam. 

    Now please keep in mind the Timeline, CRUCIAL!

    Important to understand that Zelda Franchise is based off different timelines which indeed split. 

    Not every connection is a connection, however are only connections to other connected timelines. Timelines must sync in order for connections to be relevant. As I stated earlier I will FOCUS on "Ocarina Of Time.

    MeanwhileI will Jump Up & Down a Timeline to Solidify my Presentation.
    (As I have done already for the Mirror Shield already)

    The timeline is much more important THAN EVER especially now that many are attempting to say the Timeline is irrelevant (much like Our Own History), as the Zelda Dev Team Obviously "with Breath of the Wild" have proven that just is not the case. 
    Making the Story and Timeline even more so IMPORTANT. The Team was sure to the Story Crucial.

    Keeping in mind those that push the Timeline/Story is irrelevant are the same ones who will write off the Mirror Shield as a mistake. Really! 

    "Red" symbolizing Fire."Islamic Imagery""Audio in the Fire Temple"giving acknowledgment to the"Islamic Imagery", found resting in the"Hands"of an "Evil goddess" who is worshiped by "Thieves.
    That is one well thought out Mistake. Not to mention is repeated throughout the Timelines.

    In Which lets just cover the Timeline real quick. Before jumping into the next part about the Islamic Symbol on the Mirror Shield, as Well as The Christian Magic Shield and concept art. How does it all connect starts with the Timeline. 

    The Mirror Shield with the "Islamic Symbol" appears in Ocarina of Time where the TimeLine Splits into three.

    A "Link to the Past" comes specifically first in the "Fallen Timeline". A Crucifixion, A Christian Rebirth which spirals into Ages/Seasons (LoRule), which Leads into Links Awakening... bringing us to the "LEGEND OF ZELDA".

    If link goes back in time and warns the Royal Family in the "Child Timeline" (((Ganondorf))) is banished and Expelled from Hyrule, banished to the "Twilight".

    Meanwhile if "Link" is sent home there is no "Hero of Time" when Ganondorf returns. 

    This also may be one of the most inspirational Timelines. 
    With No Rising Hero to save Hyrule, it all rest on Faith of becoming a Hero of Time, from one who is not blessed to be the Hero of Time, but must fill the shoes to be a Hero of Time.

    Go Gen-Z! 

    Ok, let's go back to the Triforce for just a moment. 

    We know it is Nordic and White Aryan Lineage(Hylian).
    Now the Shield is in the Desert, which essentially is a Mirror of Self-Reflection.

    So if the whole narrative is Aryan.
    As the Shield belongs to the Fire Temple, where Muslim Prayer is relevant(As well as Red).
    Meaning the shield Belonged to the Gorons but was stolen by the Gerudos(Jews).

    Yet Christianity is also prevalent. 
    So what has Christianity, Islam, and Jews, at a cross roads of a split timeline.

    The Spirit Temple ;  Mirror Shield = Self Reflection.

    Best-known symbols of Zoroastrianism, the state religion of ancient Iran. 
    By now you have the Lens of Truth (Do you remember what color it was?)

    But how is that connection actually made without cherry picking?
    Fasten your seat belt of how in your face Zelda has blasted the truth. 


    Zoroastrianism is Aryan Religion. Zelda is the Aryan Princess. Link is the Aryan Warrior.
    Blonde Hair Blue Eyes is the most obvious theme.
    To be clear I am not selling nor attempting to convert anyone to the belief structure. Neither is the Legend of Zelda. For clarification I am not Zoroastrian in belief. However, study of Zoroastrianism is one of the greatest Red Pilling topics. And can help one understand and see things they never saw or recognized before.
    The name Zelda is a girl's name of German origin which official alternative is Griselda, both meaning "Stone, patience and obedience." 

    Take the 14 words into mind. 
    For those unfamiliar with the 14 words, there are two versionsmeaning the exact same thing

    1. "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth."
    2. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children"

    This is also what Zelda represents as the Stone "Foundation".
    In which became popular as birth names during the years 1910-1919
    (Mark Years for a much more in depth, wont cover in this writing).

    As Zelda adds a Z=Zoroastrianism Link.
    God damn the continent of Europe. It is of merely antiquarian interest. Rome is only a few years behind Tyre and Babylon. The negroid streak creeps northward to defile the Nordic race. Already the Italians have the souls of blackamoors. Raise the bars of immigration and permit only Scandinavians, Teutons, Anglo-Saxons and Celts to enter. France made me sick. Its silly pose as the thing the world has to save. I think it's a shame that England and America didn't let Germany conquer Europe. It's the only thing that would have saved the fleet of tottering old wrecks. -Scott Fitzgerald
    Key concepts of Zoroastrian eschatology and demonology- influenced the Abrahamic religions. 
    The Principles of Zoroastrian were Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds
    There are many aspects of Christianity that were not drawn from Judaism but instead adopted 
    Zoroastrianism in mass, although Judaism was also a major predecessor of Christianity; Islam.

    Remember the Timeline Split after "Ocarina of Time". 

    1 is Christian, 1 is Zoroastrianism, 1 is a New World/New Religion.

    Later a 4th will be introduced.

    Fascinating stuff. 

    As of now it is absolute the (((Gerudos))) are Jews!
    Also as of now it is absolute Hylians are European Whites, as Gorons are Muslim.
    Both Hylian/Goron are Aryan.

    We have established that Zoroastrianism(Hylia) is the Nordic Religion of Hyrule. 
    We also know that Zoroastrians split into Islam/Christianity. 

    As so far I have backed these claims up extremely strong.
    However, one did not adopt Zoroastrianism in which is hardcore "Judaism"- The Jews. 

    So let's turn back to the Faith/Religions in Zelda Franchise and continue.

    Due to "differences in religion", the people(Aryans) of Hyrule believe the statue "depicted" by the Gerudo(Jews) in the Desert Colossus is of an "evil goddess". 
    Musava means "Vacuum" in Japanese.
    That is certainly one great word to describe a Jewess.

    According to Muava in Breath of the Wild,
    the (((Gerudo))) no longer believe in the Goddess Hylia. The (((Gerudo))) do believe in some sort of afterlife, from where (((their ancestors))) watch over them.The (((Gerudo))) have their own writing script, referred to as Gerudo Typography (((The Talmud))). 

    This writing is found extensively on the architecture of the (((Gerudo's))) Training Ground and Spirit Temple.

    This all further proves the Mirror Shield of being stolen in "Ocarina of Time" and that the (((Spirit Temple))) was (((Gerudos))) rebellion to Hylia.

    In which they raised their own Goddess, which was deemed evil and wicked to Hyrule as a whole.

    Sound Familiar?
    This clearly illustrates the Mirror Shield was Stolen.Also clearly show the Islamic Symbol, and Prayer were not merely accident. If one still thinks such nonsense.
    As finally shows Zelda Franchise is Naming Jews using a brilliant tactic by REAL STORY.

    Have I cherry picked anything yet? 
    If someone thinks yes well by all means lets continue. 
    So much more to cover.
    Only now I want to go ahead and get into one of the most controversial points... Race!

    Kill 2 birds with one stone.  

    Like the Aryan(Hylian) Princess, Aryan(Hylian)Hero, and Aryan(Hylian)History. 

    There is yet another "Race" who without surprise, have a Massive Backstory. 
    Which is just as long, complicated, symbolic, and Important as the Hylians(Aryan). 

    The Zoras. I wonder how that fits into Zoroastrian, or the Z in Zelda. 
    How it connects at all to the Aryan/Hylians? The name says it all.

    As the Fish to Bird is just another key to the puzzle.

    Now what if this water/fish race is a clear link to Atlantis. Sure you can say I am stretching. 
    However, Atlantis was a Paradise but like Babylon symbolizes the downfall of man, 
    no different than Eden. Their appearance is very much as described in Hyperbora.

    The theory is however supported in Zelda that Zora are a dual Race by the way: aka Ritos, those who returned to the Skies.
    Hylians are from Heavens Skies. (Depictions)

    Without the "Evolution" part makes no sense.

    The theory the Zora represent Atlantians, moves us into Hyperboria concept territory. With their home being at the sea bed.
    Add in the crazy evolution add my theory and wahla. 
    Zora/Ritos are clearly descendants of Hylians(Aryan). 

    Kida is cute and all and rationalizes the "Zora-Link" romance aspect to understandable. 
    But I have seen this Blue Crystal Alot before and normally when the topic is on one particular aspect.
    Atlantis, how fitting the same concept, design and Stone, is always repeated when "Time" is involved.

    Not to mention Zoras reflect all qualities of Atlantians/Hyperborians, for Design, Majestic, Sophistication, and what have you. The whole narrative Nordicism is the core of Zelda at its finest.

    Another Key Race are Gorons whom have a much less complicated, and less featured importance as say the Zora/Gerudo, however their key importance are known as the Hylians(Aryan) Closest Ally in Brotherhood. 

    Which could easily be seen as the overall masses of Hylians(Aryan), the strong working class workers in the mines that serve shoulder to shoulder with their Hylian(Aryan) Brothers when called upon to defend and go to war.

    If Zoras/Rito are depictions and are in fact Hylians(Aryan), it is not far-fetched to say the same is not true for Gorons. In fact it makes more sense considering the Goron/Hylian Brotherhood(Aryan). Which in turn make the Zora/Rito even more so apparent and less far fetched.

    As stated earlier about the Mirror Shield. The Gorons may also symbolize Muslims.

    Whom are still Aryan of a different cloth, and far different than the nordicism of the Zoras. 
    That's an entire another topic for another day.
    Aryans as a whole despise Jewry.

    Also important to note. The Gorons and Zoras were in Major Conflict. 

    I feel it is safe to assume this is due to what I am speaking about with the Atlantis aspect analogy.

    Moving on...Then there is the Kokiri. Now other than possibly the greatest music in the series, let alone being the Earthly home of Link himself, and one of the most Iconic scenery of the world, all comes from the Land of the Kokiri. They are also Hylians(Aryan). Just like the Zoras, Ritos, and Gorons. 

    Who have always kept their human forms for the most part as children. Which is where things become a little dark. Now a lot of Zelda is VERY DARK! The meanings, lessons, messages that come out of the Darkness is Zelda is truly one of a kind, by returning the Light.

    Confirmed by Nintendo the Kokiri were Hylian(Aryan) children who got lost in the KokiriWoods/FaronForrest, hence the "LostWoods". This plays off the Peter Pan concept as mentioned earlier. Depending on ones perspective the Death of the DekuTree set these Hylian(Aryan) children free. 
    (((Ganondorf))) may have done something tremendously Awesome on accident.

    The LostWoods would continue to be seen, however Kokiri Forest would no-longer exist after Ocarina of Time. Instead, the "cult" of lost children(Being destroyed) would become a settling ground for Hylian Families called Ordan Village in one timeline, completely eradicated in all the other timelines.

    Meanwhile, there is another aspect not so dark and maybe even more so accurate that these Hylian Children were not enslaved, and instead were extremely cared for and protected. Evidence of this is seen with Saria and Links relationship. As Saria being the Forrest Sage. 

    However there is another forest race like the Kokiri known as the Deku Shrubs. Deku shrubs are yet another Depiction of Hylians(Aryan). The non kidnapped version. Unlike the Skull Kid of Stalfos 
    (Alot of seriously wrong theories on Skullkids, Stalfos - another time). 

    The Deku however are identical to the Deku Tree. Deku Tree is leader of the Deku Hylians(Aryan). 
    This is yet another depiction of Aryans in the woods. Best way to depict these types are imagine the Vietnamese in Vietnam. If you get lost, you are doomed, this is like fighting Elven like characters. 

    You never see your attacker and their traps are everywhere. They are Neutral and "if you ain't from round here, then you are not welcome round here". Easy to mistake them as enemies.

    This indeed gives solid credit to my theory that these races are depictions and are indeed all Hylians(Aryan) race. Another key piece of evidence is found in Majoras Mask. Self explanatory.

    Link can fit in to the 3 depictions, however can not fit in to the Gerudo.

    There are plenty of other examples, from Royal Family pacts, song, ritual, and many others I will not get into for I feel my case has been made solidly. In as few words as possible.

    Much like German, American, Russian. 

    At the core sense of the bigger picture. 
    All fought in Civil Wars for Land and Dominion, where all were granted a piece of the Land to be ruled how they saw fit. NatSoc in full effect.

    Of course now we come to the the Gerudos. Jewish Desert Thieves that absolutely hate White Western Civilization who in turn launch a war to conquer the White Western Civilization and who resent and due to resentment believe they were punished unjustly by the Hyrule "Dictatorship". (Look At That NOSE!!)

    Although it is the Gerudos that would end the Hyrulian Civil War between Zoras/Gorons to join forces with Hylians 

    (NatSoc Deathsquads) to prevent the Gerudos from winning the war and cast Hylians into Darkness, under the Gerudo King Ganondorf. 

    This clearly says a lot about how accurate my theory is, specially given the war is Hylians vs Gerudoians. (110 Times Now, lmao)

    It should become apparant nothing in Zelda is accident,

    We will return to races shortly, and introduce Racial Ties including Skullkids, Sheikah; Garos, etc.

    So what who cares? 

    Anyone that wanted to be made aware of just how accurate Zelda is HISTORICALLY should. 
    Also will answer many more questions about the Timeline.

    The Legend of Zelda/Hyrule is not like most fiction stories, but almost completely non-fiction. 

    As completely Honest about the Jews. 
    A Franchise about White Civilization Unity!
    As well as building the Reich!
    Just a Fun Fact  I bet you have never heard this type of thing before, now call me conspiracy theorist but the coincidence is truly amazing. George Lincoln Rockwell (1918-1967), known as "Commander Rockwell", "Rocky", or "Link".
    Is it not interesting that was all just Race talk? 

    Red-pilling Normies has never been easier. 
    Unless you simply one of those saying Racist, your a Racist!

    In which case you aren't going to like what we are about to discuss. 

    Just how far does Zelda really go?

    Like everything once you realize the race aspect everything else begins to make much more sense, if you play or have played Zelda, I am sure dots are Linking together.

    Of course some Judean Gamma Boy or Jew will beat their chestscreaming I am wrong. Then go on to lecture me how none of this pertains to Race, Whiteness, National Socialism(Nazi), and somehow I am preaching Thule Society Hitler Propaganda. I will wait...

    Actually no let me take an extra moment to address and end these...Jewish Lies before I get into the next massive point that will take us even deeper. However, keep in mind the reason for everything in this writing I am producing plays crucial reasoning.
    So I am going to digress, just to address the nuances that will flood this article with such nonsense.

    Secret Nonsense

    A known society(Thule) Hitler nor myself are not, and never members of, as It is quite clear that Hitler himself had little interest in, and made little time for, "esoteric" matters. See Nuremberg Speech of September 6, 1938

    The founder Von Sebottendorff even claimed that he originally intended the Thule Society to be a vehicle for promoting his own occultist theories, but that the Germanenorden(National Socialist Party) pressed him to emphasize political, nationalist and anti-Semitic themes.
    Now since this claim was made while the NatSoc were in power and von Sebottendorff had nothing at all to gain by denying anti-Semitism, it may well be true.

    n 1919, the Thule Society's Anton Drexler, who had developed links between the Society and various extreme right workers' organizations in Munich, together with Karl Harrer established the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (DAP), or German Workers Party. Adolf Hitler joined this party in 1919. By April 2, 1920, the DAP had been reconstituted as the National Sozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (NSDAP), or National Socialist German Workers Party (generally known as the "Nazi Party").

    Von Sebottendorff had by then left the Thule Society(His own creation), and never joined the DAP or the "Nazi" party. Many other members of the Thule Society and/or DAP were later prominent in "Nazi" Germany.
    Just quick point on the (((Theosophical Society))) another supposed secret occult society constantly spewed, believed that all men and women of whatever race or caste, ideology or nation, are equal in rights and in brotherhood. This, main object of the movement is “To form a nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color”.  
    Sounds the exact opposite of Hitler and "Nazism".  Judean Zionest and their Holohoaxing Lies just dont stop lying, 6 Gorillian Lies just was not enough. Those that take and eat these regurgitated Satanic Lies against Hitler, NatSoc, and the like, do they ever research anything?

    Not to mention the constant false accusation against me that I push Satanic concepts and must idolize, promote, and praise the Satanist Helena P. Blavatsky Prominent Leader of (((Theosophical Society))). Whom is without over exaggeration the Antithesis of everything I stand for and believe.
    I know no NatSoc whom looks up to the Jewish Theosophical Society, in which every talking head on both Left/Right of the (((1 Party System))) loves to spew. Which is absolute nonsense.
    Ninth Commandment: Thou Shalt Not Bear False Witness
    Stop bearing False Witness!!!


    The Symbolism in Zelda is so brutally accurate and honest it is amazing it has lasted so long, and continues selling entire consoles, Keep it up NINTENDO! #1 in Jewnameing & RedPill content. 

    Not to take away from the Art, Music, Experience, and days(Years) of Adventure.

    The eye of the Sheikah, The detail of "Mistakes, The Temples of Mythology, The Message of Light, the exposing of Darkness. 
    Zelda is shaping up to be the coolest History Book ever written. 

    Which is the main reason I believe Zelda Devs are mute on many of the questions people ask about timelines. 
    Which is why I feel Zelda has so much mystery surrounding it.
    Take, for example, all the uncomfortable points I have made so far.

    I may actually be doing a disservice to Nintendo in writing this. 
    In which I apologize, however if ever presented this writing and asked to comment.
    Sign language "OK" as you denounce me and my NatSoc position. I don't want to be the reason you stop making amazing content, nor hurt my iconic hero in anyway.
    Or send me everything Zelda for free if I am right, I swear to never mention it publicly :)
    Now to continue, important to say that before jumping into the symbolism- yes including the Swastika.
    A lot of info to process as I am aware but it all ties in. Lets go back to the Tri-Force yet again.

    Lets Get Back on Topic

    This is something that has been rebuked by Nintendo already, and very few cover this particular topic due to it opens the Portal to Understanding everything I have said thus far is 100% undeniably accurate. Those that do cover this I salute you.

    The Triforce!!!

    3 Pieces? Water(Wisdom), Fire(Power), Earth(Courage).
    But there is a Fourth piece that is missing. 
    A 4th Piece that is Invisible/Hidden or In Shadow surrounded 
    by the other 3 Pieces.

    Look in the Middle... the inverted one.

    Lets keep in mind the name of Hyrule. High-Rule.
    As there is also another Kingdom called LoRule. Low-Rule.

    Simple enough. But what the Triforce does not do is interlock.
    I find that strange, almost as if the 4th Piece is a Portal being sealed 
    by the other 3 pieces. 

    Slap me and call me crazy but I have a serious question...
    What if the 4th piece is "Time"?

    Hyrule & Lorule

    The White Line seems to represent Lorule(LowRule).
    Notice the only Purple medallion(Purple Inverted Triforce Piece), 
    as well as the color of the door of time.
    The Low Rule/Darkness is Jewry. 

    Full of Hatred and "Malice". Who seek "Demise" their DemonLord.

    The Temple of "Time" is to ensure they never get what they want most of all. They already have incredible "Power"(Ganondorf). Media, Banks, Politics, etc.

    Wisdom(Zelda), and Courage(Link), must seal the "Fourth Piece", in which is inverted in the center, opens the gate to "Hell".

    Whoa, slow down just one second. These are big claims.
    Indeed they are so...allow me to introduce the proof of the Fourth Triforce piece.
    Again how PERFECT!!!

    Inverted Triforce Piece positioned within 3 circles(the other 3 Pieces)
    Purple, Purple everywhere is posed, Time is Death with Jewish Nose. 
    Spot the Purple.
    Notice both are "Time" (LoRule), even more so connects 2 timelines the "Fallen" and the "Child".

    4 Links? 1 is Purple. 
    This also gives Solid Weight to my Race Theory.

    Noticing the Common Theme?
    Now lets cover the Triforce once again.

    Notice the Triforce is Inverted. Symbolizing Low-Rule.
    What color is everything?

    Redhair, Inverted Triforce on chest plate , Purple, Pig, Low-Rule.

    Redhair, Gerudo, Purple, Inverted Triforce.
    Look at that nose.

    I could continue forever with the examples, yet I think I have made my point.
    Everything is hidden in plain sight.
    Beyond Gerudo Fortress and past the Haunted Wasteland are a goddess statue and the Spirit Temple. Because of differences in religion, the people of Hyrule say the Desert Colossus depicts an evil deity. Thieves loyal to Ganondorf and Nabooru use it as a base of operations, and experiments in brainwashing using magic are conducted there.
    What other characters in the game show this constant imagery, idea, ninja like, spies, and thieves?

    There is that purple again!! Same as Gerudo weapon choice, style, and traits. The "Garo" are deceased Gerudos, as we will soon see other Gerudos who were banished called Twili, who are a mix of Gerudo/Sheikah..

    Yet lets stay on Garos for they give another piece of the puzzle.
    Anyone that has played Zelda know the most Famous of the Garo/Sheikah. 

    There that Purple again...

    They are merely shells that are empty on the inside. They're the shells of spies from an enemy nation sent to investigate Ikana. They have been unable to forget their living days. Even now their spirits--emptiness cloaked in darkness--continue to spy." — Pamela's Father 
    "I can't see it, but I sense there's a thirst for blood looming all around us... Don't you have a mask that can summon the unseen?" — Tatl 
    Keep in mind the "Lens of Truth" mentioned way earlier, I said to remember its color. 
    For we have heard this quote about blood-stained history in Hyrule... 

    So Purple is playing a Massive Role!!! 
    As Majoras Mask Title is "Purple" signifying is taking part in Lorule.
    Termina = Lorule. (More on this later)

    Let me guess just another "Mistake"? 
    There is no way one can deny what I have written is the most commonsense thing written on the Zelda Series.
    Unless all out denial.
    The Message Has Always Been Right in Plain Sight.

    Now we have many things to consider. Religion, Race, Triforce, Hy-Lo(Rule), and TimeLine.
    Not to mention The Mirror Shield and The Color Purple.

    How did guy in Purple get the Soul of the Mirror Shield?
    The Ultimate Jand Rubbing Jew.

    A Terrible Fate of Blood Stained History

    Lets quick recap. Hylians(Aryan), need to stop the Gerudo(Jews) from combining Hyrule with Lorule. 

    If they ever merge Hell will be brought to the service as Ganondorf/Demise shall Rule in Darkness!
    Well what would that exactly look like had Hyrule and Lorule ever merged.

    Yes, LoRule has invaded Hyrule many times, throughout the Centuries. Heros of Time have stood up against them Time and Time again. When Lorule comes so does degeneracy, the faithless, the hunger, everything inverted, no truth, and only death. 

    The Inverted Piece of the Triforce is Purple, Purple represents Shadow, Shadow is Time. 
    Time is exactly all (((Ganondorf))) has in the Shadows. Hence this is why the Nordic Rune is Interlocked. 
    Symbolizing a Seal (How fitting once again, just another mistake?).

    How about we add up all these "Mistakes". Which have systematically been displayed in full.
    Who is Ganondorf? Say it.

    For those that have played Majoras Mask, remember how dark, sad, and tragic the game was.
    Remember the Title was in Purple.

    Whoa that escalated quickly., lets ascend back up, and get back to Zelda. 
    It gets even better. :)  

    Time Travel

    This is the aspect that confuses so many. The paradox of Time itself. The Only reason there is an adult Timeline in the Zelda Series and for perfect reason does the Adult Timeline make perfect sense, and Point.

    This is where Theory's really come to life. However, Time is very restrictive.

    Seeing as the Temple of Time in the Ocarina of Time is where the Split occurs suggest this is where the power was harnessed as evidence of  Insurrection Time Travel first takes place. Which led to the "Fall of Link".

    As stated the "Child Timeline" was created from Zelda sending "Link" back to his right time. As the "Adult Timeline" is the result in doing so. 

    The "Fallen Timeline" was an insurrection of someone else knowledgeable, willing, and set on stopping "Link" by Rewriting History. Making sure Link Failed. But who?

    None other than Ganondorf, the sneaky, intelligent, cunning, deceiving, mastermind. Who not only tricked "Link" once before to collect the spiritual stones for him and "Open the Door of Time". But who would deceive "Link" a second time by convincing Link to go back in Time in order to rescue the "Spirit Temple" Sage. With Link successfully removed from "Time" Link was defeated, as LowRule took over Hyrule. 

    Puts a whole new meaning to being Jewed.

    Upon returning to the Future freeing the Spirit Sage Ganadorf Fails. Adult Timeline continues.
    After Zelda sends Link back to his Original Time warning the Royal Family. Child Timeline continues.

    The Ultimate Deception just like the (((Holocaust))), created a Defeated Link, Slain, and Crucified. A Timeline of Defeat. Is no wonder the Christian Symbolism exist in the Fallen Timeline. 

    Now disclaimer - many say Upon return to child link there should be another TimeLine, as returning to adult link should be another Timeline. So 2 timelines are missing. This is indeed not true. If time travel was indeed possible and not just theory, a extremely tiny handful would change anything at all. For the Mass Population are irrelevant. Fixing ones marriage, or what have you has 0 effect in the overall. 
    You would still be killed by Ganon with your new loved spouse or what have you, and nothing changes. Or Hylians successfully stop and put an End to Ganon in which congrats on your lovely spouse but no effect what so ever in the overall.
    As for duplication Zelda only appears in Child, Tetra is the Incarnation Descendant in Adult, as Hilda becomes the defeat Zelda remain with Links Awakening and Princess Hilda.
    Zelda did a great job covering all bases. Yet so many say it was "Unintentional"...
    Sure sure what ever you want to believe. 

    A jump over to the Original Zelda real quick to concrete this theory, and offer another.

    Hence, where the Swastika comes into play as is also displayed in Zelda. 
    Which many have found offensive, others try to explain it away by saying its not a Swastika but it's a Manji which is Truthful and part of every culture on the planet, most notably Asian culture due to Nintendo being Asian(Japan) based. 
    Other rationals are that is in fact inverted and not positioned at an angle. So it cants be the Swastika.
    Lets ignore that Japan was the Nazis #1 Ally in WW2 and all that Jazz. 
    Or that Samuri/Aryan are one in the same,and other great things I wont include right now. Lets keep it Zelda, and I will let you decide after all I have said thus far, and all that has yet to be said yet be your guide.
    However, with everything presented so far, I am positively sure the geniuses at Zelda HQ that have come so far, finding ways around nearly every hurdle to surely let the meaning be tarnished so easily. Would they? Maybe I was wrong? But wait a minute... ...

    The Manji is easily explained away indeed, on its own of course. 

    Now would you looky there, explain the connection away now if you can.

    Level 1 is known as the Eagle.
    In Norse mythology(How perfectly fitting), a dragon named Níðhöggr lives under the tree Yggdrasil and eats its roots, while an eagle lives on top of the tree. Level 1's shape resembles that of an eagle (hence its nickname). There may be a connection to this myth due to the dungeon's entrance being a tree, its interior being shaped like an eagle, and its boss being a dragon.

    Im not crazy after all, Now I am going to raise the Stakes even HIGHER. 

    But first they will say what about level 2,4,5,6,7,8? Fair point as of this moment.
    The old man in the temple/level 1 gives a message :

    PENNINSULA may not be spelled wrong.

    However, noone seems to really know what this means or where this this is located in the game.
     Many ideas and reasonable claims have been made, debated, shared, but nothing secret or special at all about any of them, let alone this being only level one.
    Just to BackUp what I claim.
    Now if you were going to hide a message, and wanted to get that message out to as many as possible, wouldn't you put it where nearly everyone will see it, why not Level 1? 

    What if this is confirmation the Swastika or the "Manji" is in fact the Puzzle, and another perfectly crafted clue of the "Swastika", but you have to solve a riddle for the answer?

    Lets go back to my theory.

    The Eastmost Peninsula in the real world is measured using the 180th meridian.
    Which is Kamchatka Peninsula!!! How Perfectly fitting.

    The only history worth mentioning of this Peninsula is that the Jewish Bolsheviks 
    launched their final attack and invasion against Japan which would lead to Japans surrender in WW2. 
    Now that is a Massive Secret! 
    feel like I have finally 100% the original Zelda a puzzle of the ages typing 
    this out for the first time.

    You can read more on this here Soviet Invasion of Manchuria if you like.
    Notice how it "LINK" everything, through out TIME.

    Lets double down once again. Everyone has noticed peninsula is spelled wrong... but is it?
    Lets go off the deep end for a moment and consider nothing in Zelda is by accident. 
    Just as anything in a production is meant to be seen, such as the "Mirror Shield" mentioned earlier,
    as well as everything throughout the Zelda Franchise.

    Well with that in mind look at the text again of PENNISULA.
    Call me crazy but the NNIN is in Bolder text. Accident?
    Its a Secret... no know one seems to know, compare my Soviet/Communist/Jewish Theory, Swastika/Eagle theory, add the Race Theory, Color Purple Theory, 4th Triforce Piece Theory, 
    Hy-Lo(Rule) theory. Why not some numerology? 

    NNIN = 14 14 9 14 or NNIN = 5 5 9 5, either way here is an amazing result One in which Fits everything together even tighter than it already was, what an incredible way: Zelda is the epitome in practice to feed with morsels..

    Which I am sure is just a coincidence, seems like stretching, although still awesome.
    If numerology was to break down properly whether 1414914 or 5595 both equal 6.
    Which could easily be an inversion of the 9 Worlds.

    Let me digress for a moment just to bring attention to every other text in Orig Zelda. 
    Compare the Text and honestly tell me there is not something more there, after everything I have presented to this point.
    Will make for a great entry at another time, I have provide enough thus far, as would take away from a Part 2.
    Get to solving it and wow yourself with the answer. Hint - Use this article to guide you.

    Not to mention Level 7 is named the "Demon"  with the obvious Message.

    Must I say More?

    Of course there is also Level 8 or the "Lion".

    Which if anyone paid attention is referring clearly to the Us Tenth Army in World War II to fight Japan. A cross-branch force consisting of the 7th, 27th, 77th, and 96th infantry divisions of the US Army with the 1st, 2nd, and 6th divisions of the Marine Corps, unique in that it had its own tactical air force (joint Army-Marine command), and was also supported by combined naval and amphibious forces.

    Which just happens to be the exact United States Division in Operation Coronet, or better known for the second phase of the invasion of Japan, which would deliver the Atomic Bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

    Although true that if you defeat 10 enemy's without getting hit, they will drop bombs. How pointless as a reasoning for a LEVEL 8 secret. Add it all together, add in everything else I have said, and you tell me what you think.  

    But now I have not only made these extraordinary claims, but provided evidence to back up everything I have claimed and stand by. Need I continue? I could but that is a lot of information as I have said SO Many things to talk about. How deep does Zelda really go?

    Before I get off this topic keep in mind they Removed the Islamic Symbol from a shield, They removed audio from the Fire Temple, They removed the spelling of the original text "yet kept" the message, etc. With that...

    Lets travel back to Ocarina of Time.

    As I said earlier these details become so much more apparent throughout the franchise.

    The symbol on the shield was intended, but later they would introduce the very same concept in another part of the story taken back in a before time, more ancient than the time(age) of  "ocarina of time" the battle with Jewry is literally as old as time itself".

    Also known as Good vs Jewry.

    In order to accomplish victory you must face yourself in order to know yourself. 
    Crucial before you can take on anything else let alone the International Jew.

    This leads us into the Jesus Christ Aspect of things. 
    To bring a little light and leave the Shadow for a moment.

    "Link" which is supposed to represent the Player, the outfit(tunic) was chosen to mimic Peter Pan to a degree, as to never grow up, not in a literal sense of course but stay Pure & Innocent, but be Vigilant and a Warrior.

    When Jesus Christ was Born, we read about it, we read his days as a child becoming interested in Religion and then... nothing until he shows up as an Adult preaching and raising Hell with the Money Grabbler Jews.

    This concept is identical to Link most notably in Ocarina of Time.

    Link(You) is Born. His days of a child become interested in why everyone things he is different due to his growth and not having a fairy. Where he learns he is not Kokiri but a Hylian.
    As once you Open the Temple of Time, nothing is there for YEARS, Link(You) is sealed away inside until he comes to age to wield the "Master Sword" and raises Hell with Ganondorf.

    Jesus/Link Aspect - Born, Last seen as a child, Comes back Pure in Adult Form.

    The Aryan Warrior Link does not know corruptionis Pure as a Child.
    Where he must learn everything to be a Warrior ready to rid the Earth of the Jew... 
    mean Ganondorf.

    Traveling across the land to unite your race, spread the gospel, fulfill prophecy to unite to expel the vermin Jew from power. Which was beautifully done by making each Race Special to a particular Region. Natural Segregation.

    Zoras of Bodies of Water, Rauru of the Skies, Impa(Ancient Hylian) who is Sheikah protector of the Aryan Princess, Gerudos of the Desert(Look at that Nose), Gorons as Mountain and Fire, 
    Kokiri/Deku of the Forest.
    All known as the Leaders; Champions of their people.
    Hylians the overseers and protectors of the Kingdom.

    Hyrule is a White Western Civilization if this has not been made apparent enough already.
    Everyone is anticipating Aryan Links return, to stop these parasitic Jews!
    Violence is the only thing Jews listen to.
    or else "The Jew Cries in Pain as it Strikes you"

    One day I may sit down and write a Much more detailed version going even further of how everything throughout Zelda Franchise is "Link"ed and always more and more detailed to my Theory being SPOT ON.
    Link is the most NatSoc Jew Naming and Expelling character EVER, 
    No Wonder he is so loved, and Zelda so Famous.
    Noone is just consciously aware of why... yet.

    Still a few things left to cover.


    The Jew is obsessed with Wiping out Whites. However, this is the most disturbing, cruel, PURE HATRED thing any Villain has ever said in any Franchise, go figure it would come in a game for Children. This is the kind of thing that has pushed Ganondorf to the Top 3 of nearly every Villain List, and #1 on a majority of them.

    Just more evidence if you depict a Jews true-self you create an all time universal Villain.

    Surely this is not real and just a quote in a video game. Right? .... Right?

    Wow, (((Ganondorfs))) minions are Everywhere. 
    To think Before Ganondorf there is another Villain who is obsessed 
    with Summoning the Demon Demise. Predating Ganondorf.

    Tell me could you point these vile faggot creatures out in the real world.
    Their Flag is Rainbow.

    Zelda and Nintendo are so based they made sure Jews were on full blast by calling out their Faggotry. Sodomy really is a Demonic Trait, which brings only Death. 

    If you have not Played Zelda: Skyward Sword make sure you do so you can Slay this Demonic abomination.
    You know the old saying Kill a Sodomite a day: keeps the Rabbis away.
    Or something like that.

    Urge to Crusade intensifies.
    This is just to show the pure Evil we are facing. This kinda stuff leads to a Reich, Millions of Links going full out Aryan Warrior to expel this Jewishness once again.

    Ghirahim the Faggot Jewish Demon creature would require so much to cover, and I may add in how Ghirahim is a blessing to this article that will only solidify my theory 10 fold.

    Still not satisfied, still think I am stretching, making something out of nothing... fair enough. How about Zelda with their own Jew naming meme.

    Remember him before we got on the PURPLE topic earlier in the article?
    A Faceless Happy Merchant with many magical mask/disguises needed to subvert and play Puppet Master. Responsible for Majoras Mask.(This is yet another Pillar in my theory for another day.) Meanwhile, evil sure loves that color Purple!!

    Lets Make a Connection without making a Connection

    This is where the Interlopers, Sheikah, Twili, come into play.
    Remember that "Lens of Truth", the Shadow "Medallion, Their "Color Purple", as the "Symbol".
    To Understand the Sheikah we must know who Impa is.

     Someone must stay behind to watch over this blade. His spirit must not reawaken. He must never be allowed to threaten the world again. This is the nature of the task given to my tribe. As a member of the Sheikah, the goddess's chosen guardians, I gladly welcome this duty. Zelda, I shall watch over the Triforce." — Impa 
     Zelda, at the command of the goddess, I passed through the Gate of Time. I did so to protect you and aid the fight to prevent the world's destruction." — Impa
     It took you far too long to get here. Looking at you, I fear the goddess is mistaken in her choice of agents. If this failure is any indication, you have no hope of defending Her Grace from those who seek to assail her." — Impa 

    Impa is "TIME"! The Fourth Piece.

    The Sheikah guarded the Gate of Time. As the symbol is the very symbol of the "Lens or Truth".
    The Sheikah are not generally bad but became resentful of Aryan dominion, against Impas wishes. This is the cataclysm story in the Bible known as the Fallen Angel and his 1/3 that followed. The Sheikah who followed the Fallen one became known as the Interlopers, Masters of Shadow magic.
    They crafted a device called the Fuse Shadow in secret and teamed up with the (((Gerudos))) to overthrow Hyrule by claiming the Triforce for themselves creating the (((Gerudo Curse))) of only one boy and he shall be King. 
    However there would be another crafted also. Not to mention the "Hover Boots, Lens of Truth, Gossip Stones, the Mask of Truth, or the All Night Mask Torture Device" for a quick look at the marvel technologies. Also notice their obsession with MASKs. Have we not seen this guy before? 

    Which the 4 sages of Light prevented. Chasing the Interlopers into Banishment inside the Twilight.
    Fun Fact to capitalize on my Race Theory. Even if Link wears the Garo mask he is seen as an Imposter.
    As other mask are created from Souls in which Link blends in. 
    (Tell Tale Signs are everywhere)

    "Among those living in the light, interlopers who excelled at magic appeared. Wielding powerful sorcery, they tried to establish dominion over the Sacred Realm." — Lanayru (Twilight Princess)
     "What do you think happened to the magic wielders who tried to rule the Sacred Realm? They were banished. They were chased across the sacred lands of Hyrule and driven into another realm by the goddesses." — Midna    

    Twilight Princess Midna is (((Gerudo)))
    Yet all this Soul Stripping, Time Obsession, Shadow Magic, is under one symbol.
     Ask yourself who offers you this Mask? And Why?
    Let me Guess all "Mistakes"?
    Sure, Sure

    Landing the Plane

    Ok, so lets go back to the Main Villain (((Ganondorf))). For HappyMaskGuy; Ghirahim will both become extremely relevant in future articles, as Twili & Sheikah have shown the racial connection. But I must land this plane on the runway that has been flying for at least 45 minutes.  
    The Jew Naming goes even further, to full out brazen. This was intended a be a Layout in which I can link back to in future articles on the topic. The amount of evidence provided are just trinkets of JewNaming. 
    However, there is alot of Information here to digest already. So best to finish one more basic element of (((Ganondorf))) before wrapping up this intro.  
    The Pig is a symbol used for greedy Bankster. Normally with Capitalist added on, Diversity lovers, and Democracy Whores. 
    A term for a rich business tycoons who only cares about making more money an power. He doesn't care if he puts smaller stores out of business, doesn't care about the poor or middle class, and doesn't care very much about the customer. 
    His business will usually sell overpriced products made of cheap plastic, and the customer support will usually be outsourced if there's any customer support in the first place. Similar to the phrase "miser", or "cheapskate", but more applicable to people who not only horde money, but keep expanding their businesses even when they have more than enough money.
    Out of all the animals the Pig was chosen to represent Ganondorf. The Ultimate Jew. His Moblins just that little weak pigs we slaughter and turn into SoapBars. Highscore still 6 Gorillian.
    Demise is not a Pig, but an Actual Demon. Ganondorf represented as a Pig is perfectly understandable. Filthy Jewey Swine.
    No Wonder I grew up to be a NatSoc!
    Ganondorf subverted Hyrule and became the Kings adviser, my someone paid attention in History class.
    Once Ganondorf figured he acquired the Triforce, he murdered the king and took the throne for himself.

    Good thing Jews always overplay their hand. As The Whites still had "Wisdom" and the Aryan Princess, as massive love and respect to Zelda team for making sure that Wisdom is not lost. 
    As Link, has "Courage" to take back the "Power" from the Jews.
    So to those wanting to know why I use Link for many of the thingsI do. Now you have a much better understanding. He is the Missing Link. A True Aryan Warrior. A perfect White Man/Girl game, with beautiful, Gameplay, Artwork, Music, and most Importantly a Message and a Massive Warning.

    There is so much in the franchise and I simply covered the tip of how deep Zelda goes.

    Loaded with RedPills, and all out Jew naming Fun in our Timeless White Adventure and battle with the Jews. The Zelda team has created the most famous, beautiful in all forms of Art, won countless awards, and is a Beloved Classic and more NatSoc than most NatSoc content. 
    Whether it be Christian/Pagan/Catholic/National Socialism/White Pride.
    I could go on, but I feel there is no need to as I decent to land this plane.

    So take down those lame diversity loving queer Superhero posters, and put up Link the true Aryan inside all of us. 
    NatSoc, AltRight, Christian, Catholic, Pagan, WHITE PEOPLE!!!

    Link has a sacred obligation to his People. He has sworn an oath to protect his Race from the most vicious enemy known to Man: the Jew. Link pledges to go forth and smite the Jewish parasite. Have you?
    Link Up!!
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