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Never Slacken. Never Capitulate.

My favorite thing people inform me is "You are squandering your time" or the "No one cares", wait I equally love this one "Why do you bother?"

Am I "squandering" my time?
What does not waste your time?
Many waste their life watching porn, supporting BS causes, and pretending to be something they are not to appease those who laugh, insult, and ridicule you behind your back.

None in which attributes to me. I am disliked by many because I am not fake, I tell it how it is, and news flash let's face it the truth is not loved by so many. I find truth in the same predicament as myself.

I simply live my life and do what makes me happy, which is ignoring this degenerate society of self-gratification seekers. I do not need your approval. That's what my books are for, exactly what my idols represent, and my religion is birthed from.

No-one cares...
That may be very well true, but is vice-versa, for I do not care that they do not care.
Which is not exactly true, because deep down I do care when one talks against their own people, insults, belittles and attacks the spirit of their own people.

You should set out to build up your people not tear them down.
You should set out to educate your people not hate them for education.
You should set out to help your people not help your enemies.
You should set out to be a role model for your people, not the polar opposite.

Although it is a tribulation of life one must deal with, those within our own who defile this crucial basic concept.
However, what I voice is never directed to those who say these sorts of things against me or my tribe. Furthermore, nothing I constantly say is directly directed towards those who share my viewpoints, beliefs, etc.
I speak in the generality... And habitually always have.

Why do I bother?
I ask myself this from time to time... but this question alone only rekindles my spirit.
This extraordinary particular question guides me back to re-read, to re-think, re-listen, and ultimately to re-fill that first feeling of the spark inside me burn again.

As a National Socialist I do not go around picking up everyone who self-identifies as a National Socialist. I respectfully admire and adore those that do. However, I do not need 10 million lovely souls, I do not even need 3 thousand.

Never doubt that a lesser group of thoughtful, committed citizens can reshape the world; indeed, it's the unique ones in small groups that ever has.

I aim to pull the best, top-shelf, educated and top of our Reich.
I spend most my time weeding out those who offer 0 benefit or contribution to the Reich Movement.When I mention contribution, I do not mean(((Shekels))). Although true, Shekels make things work, such as our Websites, Development, and other projects.
Which grants us the opportunity to hire the best of the best to help expand our work & influence. All the while covering expenses of raising families, bills, so they can focus on what we all need them focused on.

When I mention contribution, I am speaking of a skill, trait, project...something that is far more valuable.
Recovering diamonds in the rough.

That's how I consume my time...
Individuals are listening...
This is why I bother...

With that I conclude it is legitimate to declare I explained these questions although what accomplishment will it do if they are not listening and don't care? Let that marinate.
This blog is designed to be short, sweet, and to the point. Due to recent trivialities, I will make this "About" as short as possible. My time within the inner workings of cyber-worlds social media is nearly depleted. There are far more other ways to communicate, reach out, etc.; without constant harassment, potential lawsuits, and the headache of Bans, Gulags, Wait Times, and other ridicules nuisances. Monero, Etherum, and Bitcoin – for those who know how to use CryptoCurrency. If you have not already downloaded MetaMask for the easiest Crypto experience on the web please do so now. Specially if new to the Cryptoworld.



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