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Not Interested - I Just Write Things

So, here I am having to explain the purpose of this blog... -_-

Look - I will most certainly cover news articles that I feel deserve to be covered... yet plenty already do this such as Daily Stormer, Christopher Cantwell rocks the Mic on his show, Redice has a beautiful site and message, Omniphi hands down kills it in Video... I can go on & on.

My point here is if what you want is to read great free thinking articles or listen to great mind opening shows, watch fantastic Videos...Well there you go. Already my blog was helpful for you.
Truth is I never set out to win Blogger of the year or even become a creator/writer...
or what have you... in the least a blog? It just happened.

My main project is Nine-Neins... the blog just came with the page so I figured why not store all my genius into it. Which then became my storage locker of all my favorites on the web that are worthy of listening, watching, reading, and interacting with.

In which has become a somewhat of a niche: of entirely s Nazi-paraphernalia 1-stop shop. My main goal, mostly sub-consciously, somewhere in my mind: to use the Nine-Neins platform to hopefully in some way or another; be useful with the distribution of wake up calls, with hopes maybe something I say or how I say it will stick.

Eh, anyways it is what it is, whatever happens, happens with this blog... everything else is just the best summary of reasoning on particular topics, interest, and fundamentals in my mind. When I write, well, now you know I just write things.
Love it, Hate it... your welcome.

With that allow me conclude with a -Letter from an Enemy-

I ponder philosophy, history, science, and religion.
My political position has evolved no doubt through the years, but has never changed.

I find those that say I have changed never pay attention to what I was saying, only the words, yet never the context.The same ones who have absolutely no knowledge of economics nor politics, nor could tell you the 3 branches of Government or the basic literacy of literature.
I say this not from a position of arrogance nor in a condescending manner – but as a mere realest and a friend of humanity.

Life is a peculiar thing in which the mass took off to become mothers of the future generations, as others became fathers working constantly to try to keep up with the times.Which come from all walks of life, in all colors, creeds, and cultures.
It becomes easy to see how we got to where we are today.
A life made too simplistic through technologies, in which we have gradually and mostly unintentional, traded in exchange to replace the human spirit.
A world of speed of light news that travels far and wide into every home 24/7.A world where convenience dominates no matter the implications. A desolate world. A clown world.A simulated reality.

This is important to understand when those that attempt to say I changed; nor pondered at all of this obvious reality- in its entirety of the message I have been speaking. It is the complexity of thought that confuses many who wholly take everything as carved in stone literal face value, without a sole question.

We are all students and teachers. We all learn, we all teach; no matter how forgotten this is or lost in the sea of paperwork with a dollar amount etched into it.
We have before us a crossroads. As I have always advocated towards one of those roads in particular. Which is why I associate with none but one system in particular and always have.

For it is no secret I am a fanatic of truth, literature, history, and the sciences. As I have also advocated being, a fanatic is a good thing, is the ultimate motivator, driver, innovator, and creator.
It is no secret I detest organized religion as a whole, even Christianity and its Judeo obsessions, deceit and blasphemous ways. It is no secret I live by the Scientific Method as my core fundamental principal of Reason.

So when you say I have changed… I am baffled. Changed in which way?
Those dearest to me have always known my affiliation with National Socialism and admiration for Hitler.
Those who actually listened had zero shock or surprise when my Swastika flew. Others spliced it together through my religious explanation of Lucifer- the reasoning of the misjudged, the understanding of Science, Common Sense and Reason. To conclude a classic direct example of the very same thing I say today.

It is those who did not listen to what I was communicating all these years. Those who chose to shun, misconstrue, mock and write me off at the first idea conflict of disagreement. It is these individuals who did not associate with me; whom are the particular ones claiming I have changed?
On the contrary there is an extremely small minority who did listen, yet the shock is more of an uncertainty made certain, removing all doubts, in turn creating conflicting feelings.

I am setting the record straight for I have not changed at all, I only evolved in sophistication of explaining my position. This evolution was inevitable as the times are changing and adaption is necessary.
Yesterday, we occupied no platform for someone like me to speak at length with absolute certainty. The days of affiliation with so-called alliances are over and have been ceasing day by day, for these alliances no longer serve a purpose, but are in fact morphing into our enemies.
Like the previous alliances before them with their degeneracy, rhetorical rhetoric, irony, sarcasm, and their weak flip floppy positions.

They have chosen to stand within the crossfire. This resilient ignorance is not blissful, that is purely their cowardly denial talking. Which trashes the lone ally they have.
Becoming a rebranded; bought and paid for cliques; who seek fame and monetary benefits creating “stars” overnight for directly running on positions they do not genuinely believe in.

Which is the very platform I have spoken, defended, and today stills advocates. While these (((things))) scream "He changed."

Therefore, when you say I have changed… it baffles me that you’re the one who stands in the crossfire… but I am the one that changed? Be honest with yourself and please in all sincerity do not sow your doubts, sins, and perceived feelings unto me; which blatantly protrude from your mouth as your double bladed tongues continues to cut you with every word you spew with no objection.
This blog is designed to be short, sweet, and to the point. Due to recent trivialities, I will make this "About" as short as possible. My time within the inner workings of cyber-worlds social media is nearly depleted. There are far more other ways to communicate, reach out, etc.; without constant harassment, potential lawsuits, and the headache of Bans, Gulags, Wait Times, and other ridicules nuisances. Monero, Etherum, and Bitcoin – for those who know how to use CryptoCurrency. If you have not already downloaded MetaMask for the easiest Crypto experience on the web please do so now. Specially if new to the Cryptoworld.



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