Setting the Record Straight.

I adore, respect, and look up to Hitler. This is undeniable, as I make it quite bluntly obvious.

However, there is in contrast this misconception that somehow I worship Hitler which is far from the truth. These same individuals desperately attempt to smear me as I am desperately trying to larp as Goebbels. 

Let me forcibly make this as clear as possible.

I inevitably see Hitler as I see Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, George Washington, Caesar, or Bonaparte as quick examples.

I see Goebbels as I see Schopenhauer, Pierce, Rockwell and Thomas Paine.
I worship None... I absolutely admire, adore, and treasure their perilous work; spirits, will, relentless dedication and ominous words.On Par with the United States Constitution. 

see each one of these individuals as Christ like, not in the sense of supernatural or mystical: solely in the concept. As I do worship Christ, but am deeply rooted in Christ teachingsBible Morality or Christianity ideology... Once again in the concept. 

Please learn the difference if you do not already, between the literal and practicality; which is identical to the difference between possibility and probability. Important to fully understand what I am trying to say.

Anyone who considers themselves American would adopt the American National Socialist Doctrine. Race division is not even an issue for all Nationalist, of all Creeds, Race and Religion are grounded in National Socialist program... I do not care what Shlomo told you; notorious liars. Another topic for another day.

As my religion is National Socialism (the Natural Order), in particular American National Socialism.

I believe in the Republic. I believe in a Small Government which is manageableI believe in the Rule of Law (Commonsense), I believe in Free Speech and Guns, I believe in Closed Borders, I support massive Deportations as well as Death Penalty. I believe in Search Warrants, Fair Trials, and Proven Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. 

Of course those that campaign against us will tell you everything opposite. Such as (((Dinesh D'Souza))) the Mossad mouth piece of slander, lies, and deceiver.
The (((CernoBitchs))) and the (((Shapiros))) who regurgitate what they are told to spew...

Yet, I my goal is to merely provide critical FREE literature here on this contested site so everyone can read it for themselves. Post my thoughts, logical advice to youthers, guidance to the angry, as well as a platform for Nine-Neins Updates obviously.

Did Hitler really say what (((they))) say he did?
Did Rockwell or Pierce advocate for what (((they))) say these concerned individuals did?
Read, and Inform yourself and watch tensely how everything you have allegedly heard falls apart.

Do you want to hear the supposed controversial speeches, lectures, and interviews that will also be availble FREE here on Nine-Neins. 

However, if you inevitably see something you enjoyed, liked, or inspired you. 
Please do not contribute to Nine-Neins, be sure to send your contribution to the Content Creator of the material you like to support. 
If you like to support Nine-Neins, we deeply appreciate it.
Just please keep in unconscious mind Nine-Neins works as a hub for Content Creators, so please be sure to overwhelmingly support each and every one of them. 
See "Support Alt-Righters" for a list of the contributors. 
Most of the content is tagged/linked with their contact info. 

My arbitrary point here is I am not trying to merely sell you anything. I am not attempting to cynically manipulate you. Nor overwhelming guilt you, willfully deceive or allegedly pressure you into a belief structure or convert you in any way, shape, or form.

I simply want to do, possibly imperfectly, all I can to provide all the materials in which one can make up THEIR OWN MIND. 

We conspicuously avoid nonsense propaganda pieces. We filter out the shrill chatter. 
We merely do all we can to Inform the concerned public. 

With today's critical resources and political technology, including Nine-Neins... there is to no avail no reason whatsoever not to be well informed where 1,000 books can peculiarly fit in your shallow pocket. I am digressingI am aware of this. Check Libraries to the Right for PDFs.

My point before I went off on belligerent digressed pool of thoughts and info. I do not worship Hitler. I simply see myself at the table with Hitler, Jefferson, Schopenhauer, Paine, Bonaparte, Caesar, Pierce, Rockwell, Goebbels, Christ, and Andrew Jackson. 

Why don't you? 

I should really plan these entries out better.

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