Financed Usury. Segregate Degens from Nat Socs pt.2

I have always been on the outs.

I speak personally on this matter. However, feels like a perfect time to shed some reality.Throughout my ventures I have probably tried every tactic out there to stay afloat. My activism has evolved over the years, the centralizing of my message has swung like a pendulum, the core of everything I advocate is exactly the same.

Every course has generated a peculiar type of individual on board, my team, every course has had different pros & cons, and every course is more black pilling than the last. So I speak from experience as I note this.

At this juncture I am still going strong because I do not let any of that exasperate me. For once you fully reject Modern Society; modern society has less and less, to absolutely no effect on you. It is abandoning modern society which is the hard part for most people. However, once you leave, things get easier, although this is also where adaption becomes essential, is not for the weak or unfit, the illiterate, nor the dumb.

As one would expect I would be lying if I said I remained a constant happy go fortunate spirit, although I may do my best to keep such cheer in my presence, this is solely due to the amazing people I have surrounded myself around. 
It is solely they whom are the inspiration, motivation, that nourishes my spirit to appear happy go lucky. They are phenomenal, and I could ask for nothing more from them.

Don't expect (((enemies))) to aid you or make anything simple... I guarantee instead that (((they))) will arrange everything to cause everything to be as difficult as possible, sometimes even impossible depending on your goal. (((Their))) goals are to make life unbearable.

Which is why Finances will run dry.
Funding options even more limited, 
and sponsorships... 

Even if you find financing (((they))) will use anything to block the transaction. To where you have no other choice but to fall upon alternatives: in which are fantastic. The catch.22 is the Majority will have no clue how to utilize it. In which to the majority as a whole this only leads to their frustration & complication of learning an entire new alternative system.

Nine-Neins seeks to make this as easy as possible, to bridge the once complicated into a simple even easier than Paypal solution. Try it for yourself...

time as Crypto becomes more and more commonthe hassle with funding will begin to not be a problem(or so in theory), in which (
((they))) fully understand this fact and are working day & night to dismantle, regulate, and crash this alternative as we speak.

Now I know this sounds Black pilling as hell... but this is the reality of Our situation. This is not a cop out nor a time to play victim. Nor am promoting surrender or begging for charity. 
Just highlighting facts. 
Without the simple luxuries of PayPal and basic things like such - in which many take for granted, this is the inevitable reality of advocating the truth.
Which represents exactly how I Judge others.

If someone hosts a podcast and platformed on YouTube for example. Then obviously they aren't communicating truths (possibly pointing out basic observations, lacking any explanation at all), if they have a valid PayPal for subscriptions, content, products, etc. 
Woe unto those who don't heed this warning.
They are not conveying truths.

(I am not demonizing them just making an observation.).

So when you see these Alt-Lighters and stardom "talking heads" pushing content & products with a PayPal, Google/Apple store logo in checkout and on site... you should be alerted something here is not right. 

In the present circumstances there is a possibility if one is not popular among the masses in which they have not been detected yet by these (((corporations)))... but when you are Infowar popular, (((Shapiro))), (((Cernovich))), (((Dsouza))), etc. and still have a PayPal and (((Social Medias)))... well, that is a whole another thing entirely.

Be weary of even those spitting Hardcore truths with such sponsorship.

Do not get discouraged, though.
If money is your main concern then this route is not for you.
If fame is your main concern then you ate to much Alt-Light/Media/Nonsense regurgitation.

Meanwhile, if (((Alien))) Behaviors don't matter to you welcome to what is literally the facking Matrix. 

Is not sunshinerainbows, and unicorns. I have watched many whom have been destroyed mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically, in Our Movement. Each one was absolutely good people who thought they were implementing what they felt in their heart. Yet, due to lack of commitment got chewed up and spit out.

Others have blossomed in these areas and are doing better than they ever had before.
I have noted those that get destroyed: are those that crave all the nefarious (((alien))) reasons.

In the present climate as this is not to turn anyone away from what I advocate but to destroy this false notion promoted by the Jewmedia that we are in this for moneyfame, and other nonsense. 

How can that be when we don't even have a Payment processor? 
I guarantee you will discover little to any of that here.

Its hilarious they keep saying cashing in on hate.All while (((they))) pay $25 Thousand for mouth pieces (to mainly already Millionaires) to bash, spew hatred, and distort truth - about Us, commonsense, basic truths, anything White or Nationalist.

However, look past such trivial perspectives. 
Instead look at the cesspool you are surrounded in. 

All the Anti-white absolute pure hatred spewed. 

The Degeneracy you allow on your streets and in your homes, all while the morals desensitized. 

Insanity levels of corruption and tactics of attempting to Starve those that disagree with (((their))) (((evil))) no different than Holodomor (((Communist Agenda)))... And all funded with your squandered money.

I am exclusively speaking on the undeniable reality. If you are complacent and foolish enough to remain quiet in the destructive process than so be it.

am no attention seeker... I just have merely 0 desire to be apart of the brutal destruction of everything Moral; as well as Western Civilization itself. 

It is overwhelmingly those like me who shares these critical perspectives and principles that I admire and adore and to no avail, for it is theirs and my own Fanaticism of raw truth that merely preserves us afloat.

National Socialism is purely the Cure to Societal Cancer,. 
I don't care what Shlomo falsely informed you, (((they))) are severely notorious liars.
Each one of us are merely a single spark.

This odd entry is primarily to all the newcomers to the National Socialist platform as well as to those that followed me here, as well as the handful who merely watched my spiral over the last decade... 
As for those who are a critical reader of my personal work, you will notice I rarely ever repeatedly use the word 'Party."
National Socialism is considerably more colossal than bureaucratic politics. In fact is faithfully a way of lifeAs National Socialism is my personal religion, or in the least a giant part of it, based solely on Science, History, Reason, and Logic. Yes it is a "Political Party" but only because IT HAS TO BE!

I digressed... 
My Main Point is to remind, say, and inform everyone specially those new.

A critical way to begin identifying who & what is real: like just about everything else.
"Follow the (((money)))"
If you merely want to verify anything I have said feebly, claimed or advocated...
"Follow the (((money)))"

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