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Modern Genocide. Segregate Degens from Nat Socs pt.3

Many in our Movement will say that people like myself do not actually mean resurrecting the 3rd Reich.

Allow me to clarify that I am most certainly 100% in support and aimed directly at constructing exactly what they assert I do not in fact symbolize with my rhetoric.

My Goal and Dream is resurrecting the 3rd Reich.

Warrant me to explain why.

First by stating if you do not aim to resurrect the 3rd Reich then you might as well quit claiming to be a National Socialist. As those that like to piggies back on the idea of National Socialism just capitulate to the Cuckservative party, YOU WILL LOSE IN THE END!

You have no path to victory or even a common-sense platform.

Until you acknowledge you are in a War!
In which in no way pursued to be won in courts, debate, or even peacefully in lack of words.
That is a truth pill many need to swallow.

In order, to save America you better call upon modern day Brownshirt's, you better be getting the SS together and start advocating your kids to become Waffen troops.

Failure to do so is the same ole song and dance, for Israel wars, for Faggotry, for Cuckery, and more Degeneracy.
Things will continue to snowball worse and worse until you strap on boots, grab your rifles, organize, and prepare to kick in doors.As stated by Americas Founding Fathers.

Hang every traitor, shoot every invader, lay down the law and Take Back Your Country White People!

This is impossible, if out the gate they say Hitler & 3rd Reich rhetoric is just talk. Right Wing Death Squads is not a talking point. In fact is 100% necessary. The 3rd Reich and German People understood this.

This simple common-sense of understanding: that if you want change you will have to Militarily take it, by electing a Group who will do what is necessary.

Elect a Leader who does what he has to do with and for the people in Heart and Mind. Ship out the 3rd Worlders who will never vote for the 1st World. Ship out the (((Communist))) Jews, and with them the Faggots, Bankers, Terrorist organizations, and Puppets which are merely symptoms of (((their))) presence.

The Democratic Virus has to be eradicated. Democracy is a joke and soft Communism enforced by Shitskins.
To have a Republic you better have a Military to deal with these parasites. If election does not work, which is our current situation. You must take it by force.Failure to take it with force, is failure of a victory.

Similar to any nightclub and security detail... Why is that force present? An important essential merely so someone individual/collective do not take/steal your property, goods, weapons, life, monetary, etc.

What about our rights?
Well, what about your country, town, counties, states, flags, heritage, monuments, libraries, and courts? Do these principles not deserve the same protection? Yet they call me extreme because I simply understand you can not have the former without the latter?

Such, for example, the borders, in where the majority call for Military Action... yet not a single pundit has called for Military Action against Traitors, Corrupted Courts, Illegal legislation, Violating Usurpation's, all in which destroy the fabric of America itself.Only infest parasitic traitors in the most crucial positions which is worse and rotten everything it touches.
Yet a few, and I mean a few call for Military Action in Sanctuary Cities... but that however does not seem to resonate as a more Serious problems, because the "Border" is so Important the former scream and cry.

Well, a Sanctuary City is the Border established in America, seems like a much larger threat does it not? If one somehow gets passed Border Patrol and makes their way to Sanctuary City... wahla they win. A giant game of cat and mouse... an incentive game at that.

When these Cities should be surrounded, invaded, and those who allowed it executed, the others deported.

Yet, I am not speaking the extreme, am I?I see this as basic commonsense.Yet, silenced across every platform. The ADL does not like when HIAS is being brought up, those Jews hate it when you mention FACTS! They will not remain quiet as those like me execute these vermin from power, who allow and push faggotry, transgenderism, race mixing, and create things called sanctuary cities.

The ADl in fact retaliate with Force, funded by Tax Dollars, Weapons of the FBI, CIA Funded by Tax Dollars, to ENFORCE their Democracy. Hunting down those who will not stand for this Kikery Cancer!
We must also use Even More Force to strip these (((Communist))) of any funding, weapons, and completely eradicated from the media, and any position of influence and finance. As they have done to systematically wipe White Men off their boards, seats and chairs of power.
Take the obvious censorship taking place. Only by Force will this be accomplished.

What does this have to do with the 3rd Reich and Hitler?
This is the policy of the National Socialist!!!
This is the core of everything so many claim to hate. The rounding up of Corruption, Illegals, and Traitors.
Muh, Holocaust, I can already hear the jews and kike worshipers screaming.

The 3rd Reich was purely the retaking of the Republic from (((international))) Hyenas.
The Germanic Version of the Founders of America!

Restoring order so people can protect their property, so people could arm and protect themselves, raise their families in peace, and also so people could continue with their farming and businesses and build an economic society the way the Republic is supposed to work.
I stand will Adolf Hitler and the 3rd Reich 100%.

Which is important for people to hear. I am not a single bit ashamed of it but proud to stand with those who wont remains silent as our country is handed to the 3rd world, our women raped by savages, as beast destroy Western Civilization until there is nothing left.

Now the genocide question I am sure is how this entry will be spun, so let me clarify there will be no genocide. I will take a moment to clarify the Party Objective and then I will let you decide.

Rounding up and deportation is not genocide. We have already heard the future Holocaust story with Border Detention Centers. This is exactly what Hitler had done. They were not Death Camps, and they were not genociding.
No 6 Gorillian, No Genocide.

The fact of the matter is, there never was any genocide under National Socialist.
Holodomor, Katyn, Dresden, Hamburg, Danzig, etc. were all committed by Bolshevik Jews(((Communist))).Helped by the (((Jews))) allies Britain and America. My how nothing has changed.

In order to save the Republic the National Socialist has the only Logical Solution. It is the same solution that built Civilizations, it is Identical Solution our Founding Fathers had when they shot the Traitors in Red, it is the Same solution today.

However, this is all impossible without Military Assembly.
We have to first reconquer OUR NATION!

This is again impossible until those who have exclusively (((banking))) interest and no American Interest at heart are removed, where the Foreigners are stripped of their say, the freaks striped of political power, and the nothing holding hand outers are not granted to vote in their own self-interest.

This is exactly what the National Socialist did.

The National Socialist platform is the only path to true Economic Booms. Not to mention can raise even a 3rd World into an 1st World Super Power overnight.

In which we as Americans are way ahead of the curb in many regards, yet so far behind the curb on maintaining what made us so great to begin with.

There is no other way.
Conquer or be conquered.
The choice is yours.

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