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Y U Fly Bad Optic Swastika?


So the Swastika and why?

A more valid question is "why not" for starters?

In which habitually the normal response will orbit around the Holocaust... Six Million Jews...Genocide... And Mustache Man Bad are typically the general replies... I have also heard other reasons such as...

Wait... Never-mind I have never heard anything once so ever of another reason!

So in other words we are left with the "Holocaust", "six Million Jews", "Genocide", and "Mustache Man Bad" arguments.

So if we seamlessly combine "Holocaust", "six Million Jews" and "Genocide."to one singular issue (in which in fact they are purely adjectives of the identical exact thing) well then all we are inevitably left with lets indeed declare in which the "Holocaust" as a Singular Issue.

Now, since "Mustache Man Bad" because of the said "Holocaust."

They are in contrast in addition like the former: Identical, therefore, must also be combined.

In which inevitably assigns us with simply "Holocaust."

Which I prefer personally to willingly exchange "Holocaust" with "Mustache Man Bad", however, for the gracious sake of this critical article I will stick with "Holocaust."

Ergo why is precisely the Swastika Bad Optics? After having been naturally reduced to a solitary issue... The "Holocaust", therefore, let's discuss intelligently this one historical reason.

Properly using the self-described adjectives from earlier.


Six Million Dead Jews = Genocide... right?

Well, what if six Million Jews were never killed?

By Definition and fundamental logic, if six Million Jews were NOT indeed killed. By default there is naturally no Genocide.


If there is genuinely no Genocide by direct association, there is undoubtedly in evident contrast no Holocaust. Right?

I am not saying Jews were not rounded up and typically placed in Work Camps for their own protection I might historically add. Nor am I saying that No Jewish deaths did not take place between 1933-1945. People die everyday, as formally called Life.

What I am undoubtedly: in undeniable fact justly saying, is that legitimately(((They))) were not slaughtered; nor allegedly burned; gassed; turned into lampshades; made into soups; jackets; or bars of soap. Composed as(((They))) admittedly have and continually to so in such fairy-tale desperation false claims.

I will not get deep into this particular topic. For all of these pernicious myths in which have been rightfully debunked. In so even further- as any logical mind can peruse the illustrious list; and instantly realize with basic commonsense; that those fabrications are simply not true.

There are overwhelmingly at conspicuous leisure entire books on the historical subject. If you reasonably want to meticulously research deeper into what I am saying approvingly.

Now that an intellectual foundation of straightforward logic has been laid on the table of fundamental reason. We have established the only quarrel with the Swastika is merely a singular issue, which remains nothing but a literal list of vicious lies, and easily factually refuted... What compelling argument is there against the Swastika?

Keep in mind.

"Mustache Man Bad" only solely applies if Mustache Man implemented what he is accused of in which is solely "The Holocaust"... allow me to back up some of my statements.


Ok, so moving on now with the fundamental basis outlined as put out on the table in the opening of this article: as clear as possible. Now onto the whys.

The utter importance of this conversation is terminology. In so far as understanding this terminology will highlight many other aspects including censorship and the fundamental basis of this here article. Will also shine a light on how and why you do not know what is so obvious.

The first main word will not be "Holocaust" but instead "Dictator" as furthermore "Fuhrer." I naturally feel it is worthiest to efficiently address the 2nd sole reason.

As a direct result lets question why precisely is "Mustache Man Bad"?
"He was universally a Ruthless Dictator," they instantly all artistically scream.

Effectively, let's properly define "Dictator", shall we?


So by official definition anyone in a Leadership Role is naturally a "Dictator." Pretty broad stroke.

The specific word "Dictator" is so abused, as normally only used figuratively in "extraordinary speech". If we observe the second part of the definition we can clearly see someone that is "Dictating Vocabulary". So everyone is a Dictator, with special cases being those in "Leadership" positions of the group. Such as Boss, Group Leader, President, Pastor, etc.

We will also see "Fascist Dictator" is Highlighted. Why is that important?

Well this turns your attention to "Dictator" means "Fascist"... which is deceptive.

Why does "Communist Dictatorship" not apply? As just 1 mere example.


The Definition has been worded in a way of political control. You say "Dictator", you think "Fascist". This is very deliberate as you will come to see, as we progress.

In which generally what happens when on this particular issue of the "Holocaust": and had you participated in this typical social conversation in real life, the key topic and specific word "Dictator" will instantly get shifted to "Fuehrer" (rightfully so).

As a result Adolf Hitler suddenly becomes not a "Dictator"(Not Fascist) but the "Fuehrer."(Fascist). Interesting the choice of words is it not...

In which sounds scary when you announce it in such a distinct way. This is no different than Harry Potters "He Who Shall Not Be Named". Now without going awry into a tangent lecture on this minute detail. Let's for the premium sake of making sure I appropriately address the essential point in social usage of the appropriate word, normally directly attributed to Adolf Hitler.

OK, willingly, let us use Google for this is what the majority will see and help cover censorship.

Notice, "Dictator" is not in the Definition. Also, notice "Dictatorship" is used to describe the Regime. Interesting is it not how the terminology has changed so drastically. And goes on claiming "Hitler initiated World War 2", a blatant lie. Yet they made sure that that was in view in so few words. This is Propaganda folks.

A "Ruthless Tyrannical Leader" is obvious nonsense as a Definition. But merely a personal opinion of whoever put it in front of all of you who trust Google.

Wow, thanks again Google for that extremely misleading & false definition. Amazing how censored even a simple word is. The proper definition of Fuehrer with no thanks to the Cesspool known as (((Google))) is.


It is possible my visible persistence on this particular point is becoming self-evident. (((They))) even lie about simple definitions, redirect you and everyone to entirely fabrications of definitions. Merrian-Webster is supposed to be trusted, Google is suppose to be trusted, yet they both LIE claiming "Fuhrer" means "Tyrant"... in which it is simply a German word for "Leader" or "Guide".

Now it is one thing to use extraordinary speech to make your point, and prove your case, but this is not extraordinary speech. These are organizations which are NOT allowed to show Bias. These are suppose to be Neutral in debate, and conversation.

Yet, everything printed by these 2 alone is overwhelmingly an outrageous lie- after outrageous lies, after outrageous lies. What Moral Authority do these institutions then have.

Keep in mind I must succinctly summarize. It is far to easy to get sidetracked and get hopelessly lost in the critical topic to where my Entries progressively become considered books.

If you naturally require the intricate details I highly enthusiastically recommend literature, that is precisely what books are for. As so far I am simply demonstrating why you think what you think. You are told to think what you think, you are propagated with even your own Vocabulary hijacked.

This happens organically, to be traditionally the first default position many fall to when they realize keenly the "Holocaust" accurately represents a failing argument and instantly begins fiercely going down like the Titanic (Pun Intended), instantly (((They))) Attempt to salvage the "Mustache Man Bad" argument from the wreckage while discarding the specific aspect of the "Holocaust", shouting "Dictator" & "Fuhrer".

Round 1 Complete.
Round 2...Fight!!


I am banking on it that the idea of the seriousness of terminology is settling in. I am also banking on nearly every source you the mass rely on are written and funded by Google, and Merrian-Webster.

So when we define the 1st fundamental basis which is the word "Holocaust" you will notice how absurd the terminology quickly gets. using redefined misleading words such as "Dictator" & "Fuhrer" have already created the Villain they needed. As well as isolated Adolf Hitler to the harry Potter equivalent of "He Who Must Not Be Named'.

Why the need for such a villain?

Well for starters the fairy-tale of 6 Million Jews. When there were less then 250,000 in the area at the time.

This is what we call Jewish math.

Or the idea Hitler ran the industry making "100% Kosher Soap" made from 100% "6 Million Jews".

Or the ridiculous notion Jews were skinned because they made good Writing Paper and Lampshades for Nazi Houses.

If you deny this reasoning of Jewish Household Slaughter Assembly Lines. Then you are a "Holocaust Denier" and an "Anti-Semite". Prepare to be called a "Nazi".

Just that fast the idea of "Final Solution" is completely built on Massive Lies. There was no "Holocaust".


Congrats you are no-longer believing Jewish Lies. Google will now work with their partners and Sister Company's of Twitter, Facebook, and PayPal to force you off Social Media. In other countries you will be Arrested and sentenced to prison.

Meanwhile Notice I have not even begun to talk about the Holocaust. I simply pointed out 3 lies off the bat, not to mention demonstrated how Vocabulary has been Redefined to turn you against Hitler, and all without even having to show you proof of exactly why "Hitler was So Evil". Using Words that are so generic.

In which to quickly demonstrate again you have now been called 3 new words "Nazi" Holocaust Denier", & "Anti-Semite" already.

This is no different than all the other buzzwords such as "Racist", "Homophobic", Islamphobic" etc.

Words have become the new






Now, I have reached a critical spot where I must turn my attention away from this particular topic for now. As I stated earlier this is what books are for. In which can dive much deeper then a simple article. I do believe I have demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that you are being lied to: and that those that say they hate Hitler are either Jews benefiting Billions of Dollars off the "Holocaust Racket" or just maybe you have not had the opportunity to get the Facts.

The terminology is a large part of this War we are in.

Why waste words when it has been said so beautifully.

Fascist War

Which advances me into the following phase of why I gently insist on the Swastika which is formed off of Fascism, in the sense of understanding Fascism is an Economic Doctrine.

Fascism is solely a Culture Way of intellectual life. Fascism is the heart of White Western Civilization, there is no ands, its, or buts about it. Which gets into the emotional topics in this gradual war... One, in which is not quite ready to be fought viciously as of the current time frame in the current political climate.

However, to discard the Swastika is blatantly to no avail an explicit guarantee of dire failure; the Swastika solely represents the specific key in this War. Solely this article alone acts as a helping hand. Valiantly attempting to laboriously drag her out the cesspools of deliberate lies, degradation, and the bad optics pool in which she has been drowned within for so long. In striking contrast my simple act is a significant victory, in fact a tide-war changing victory.

A critical victory in which(((they))) are in fact doing everything defensive in their communist power to forcibly prevent from happening. That harmless image of the Swastika is undoubtedly the ONLY unique symbol they are genuinely scared of the most. The Swastika is to(((them))) what the Cross is traditionally to the Devil.

Interesting, one who holds a Swastika in one hand will normally also hold a Cross. Both, are symbols against our mortal Enemies. The Lying, Deceptive, Immigration Pushing, Gun Grabbing, Faggotry Advocates, Pedophilia Cults, and Satanic Jews.

In which is precisely why the relentless attacks against the National Socialist Party, The Right Wing, devout Christians, and those in-between that typically fly that beautiful Swastika knowingly or unknowingly. I don't dog whistle, I just speak the Factual Truth.

Jurisdiction Reich-fully
Now to be clear I also fly the Confederate Flag Side by Side to the Swastika, draped in addition is the Georgia Flag, along with the American Flag. Which many think and even sometimes yell at me is disrespectful. I respectfully disagree.

This is typically where I conveniently get to Stages of why I insist earnestly on the Swastika.
The Confederate Flag and what Ole Dixie naturally represents secures no possible chance of ultimate survival without the Swastika.

The Confederate Flag can not fully represent the considerable scope of this War we are in for many apparent reasons.

Such as Race, Legislative, Influence, or even the basic Facts across every key topic across the board. Not to mention is a Homegrown issue in particular Jurisdictions, increases Stigma 1000%. If you think the Swastika has bad optics, the Confederate flag is yelling "hold my beer."

Meanwhile, all that is attached to the Swastika are Jewish HoloHoax lies: that is literally all. As distorted terminology and 6Million Documentaries telling you about the 6Million lies because Adolf Hitler bad.

At this critical time their absurd story is inevitably becoming to be universally known for the giant sham in which it is, and rightfully so, as our eternal truth is universally accepted as the self-evident truth becomes more and more prevalent. Within a political climate in which can take hold, and a National Socialist idea we all adore and naturally love.

The Swastika sufficiently removes the JQ... inevitably bringing to brilliant light every particular "symptom of JQ".

However, on the Confederate side of things; in which is merely a Jurisdiction of the Reich... Should become evidently completely clear why this is a no starter, without the Swastika. No topic can be brought to the table until the JQ is split open like an orange and handled.

Rank & File.
My State Flag is my Country, Encompassed with Confederate Flag our Coalition, which correlates with the American Flag as Our Nation.
This is not Jew-S-A I am speaking of.

The Swastika faithfully represent the underlining religious factor which enthusiastically embraces everything together and the Individual Idea/Concept we all share In Ideology, with well-established practice and conscious or unconscious belief is intellectually National Socialism. National Socialism naturally represent the noble heart of it all...Which is extremely important for our(((communist enemy))) is international.

In which I persist unwatered as to exactly why I insist relentlessly with the Swastika.

If we can not cleanse her of the flimsy, ductaped, absurd nonsense of outrageous lies and slanders; then all hope is futile. Of those that Capitulate by saying dubiously foolish things like "Swastika Bad" are cancerous to National Socialism as a seamless whole.

Whether they are(((Cancer))) unconsciously or consciously towards the Constitution, America, Republic, Western Civilization, Religious, and so on. By recklessly disregarding the Swastika YOU surrender to a (((clique))) who in no way what so ever have a logical argument... Worse you foolishly giving them EXACTLY WHAT (((THEY))) Desperately want!
By Surrendering your flag!

Those that fly the Confederate Flag and reject the Swastika are to the letter self-defeating contradictory walking illiterates. (Will subtly change to relevancy of Jurisdictions).

You by default willingly accept(((their))) lies, as also support the demobilization of the Swastika due to manufactured fairy-tale nonsense. The very core of every conscious or unconscious belief of our people gutted all on easily refuted lies.

The Confederate Flag and the Swastika are one in the same! (as jurisdiction example -Dixie).

(((They))) self-admittedly have to constantly lie, severely threaten, and pass laws to aggressively protect that lie, simply because the ultimate truth is blatantly self-evident & revealing "itself" as (((they))) can-not for the life of them tolerate it when(((their))) deliberate lies are challenged due to fundamental truths, undeniable facts, fundamental science, and legitimate reason.

These seem to be undoubtedly and unquestionably the genuine reasons for the Out of Control Censorship. Anything and I mean anything that might invariably assist someone to even a 1% turn clockwise or counter to(((their))) absurd nonsense is extremely dangerous to(((their)))(((Ponzi)))(((scheme))).

Naming the Jew is undoubtedly gaining excellent traction and becoming trendy... the whole "Holohoax" thing is falling apart.

When it inevitably does, I want to be among those who triumphantly carry the Swastika out of the Pits of false Persecution and across the Finish Line, and bear the familiar presence of my legendary ancestors smiling gratefully upon us.

Intentionally setting off a controlled chain reaction throughout the Nations, in my specific case, to the State and social reformation of the Confederacy.
Is that not more of a delirious dream than practical reality? Possibly.

However, is it 100% achievable? Probably.

All of it, this war, history, victory, or defeat will inevitably rest on the Swastika, or as I fondly call it the real "RedPill".

However, either homeward way...

The Swastika is undoubtedly at the middle of it all, and when people advise me to not display, wave, or fly it, I realize keenly they are voluntarily just one more solvable problem to properly fix. The unique tools I realistically have are Nine-Neins, Faith, Hope, Determination, and this Blog to contribute constructively.


Any White Christian who chants "Israel is our Friend" are (((Judaeos))), a bunch of turncoats wearing the Star of Satan, and praising the False God the Bible warned them about. The Swastika is the cross-hairs of these (((Communist))). The Swastika is as much Christ as the Cross. In fact I have even proposed the Idea that the Swastika should be the the symbol of "Christianity".

None the less this is rightfully why I fly the Swastika and always will...

This blog is designed to be short, sweet, and to the point. Due to recent trivialities, I will make this "About" as short as possible. My time within the inner workings of cyber-worlds social media is nearly depleted. There are far more other ways to communicate, reach out, etc.; without constant harassment, potential lawsuits, and the headache of Bans, Gulags, Wait Times, and other ridicules nuisances. Monero, Etherum, and Bitcoin – for those who know how to use CryptoCurrency. If you have not already downloaded MetaMask for the easiest Crypto experience on the web please do so now. Specially if new to the Cryptoworld.



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