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Link NatSocTheory : Synopsis

From the Basics, to the obscure details. Our adventure starts here. After reading this, specially if you are a Zelda Fan or a NatSoc you will never see the franchise the same way. Whether you are New to Zelda of Familiar this synopsis is for you.

To save time and A LOT of reading and writing, in which I could easily write an entire book on -
I instead will focus primarily on "Ocarina of Time, due to familiarity on a Mass scale.

Each Chapter of the story of "The Legend of Zelda" is identical in nearly every way overall, with MUCH MORE In Depth evidence of what I am & will be mentioning in this writing.
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time’ was released in 1998 and is considered by many to be one of the greatest games of all time. The fact that it has sold millions of copies all over the World attest to the fact that the anti-Jewish struggle is a very attractive and appealing concept that draws the attention of everybody on Earth who wants to achieve justice and freedom.

Consider this writing the tip of the spear.
Formal Introduction:
          In attacking the Jew, one is battling evil itself.

(Notice instantly at the Cover the Jew in the corner)

6 Temples Protected by 6 sages.

  • Earth = Forrest
  • Water = River/Ocean
  • Fire = Volcano
  • KakarikoVillage = Shadow
  • Desert = Spirit
  • Temple = Time/Light

3 Spiritual Stones open the Temple of Time/Light.
  • 1 is Life (Reignite a Rocks Heart -Goron Headmaster)
  • 1 is Commitment (Promises, Promises, Promises -Zora princess)
  • 1 is Death (Experience Death and Loss -Deku Tree)
Powerful stuff!

Pretty typical basic stuff 3 stone + 6 Temples = 9
Nordic rune symbolizing the 9 Worlds + Master Sword = 10 

  • A reset for Matrix Fans.
  • A Complete cycle for Mythology fans.
  • A full 360 Circle for Geometry and Astrology fans.
  • The Four Seasons. 
Hopefully, you catch my drift.
The 3 Stones also serve to create Future Bonds and Prophecy which will solidify later on.

This is where things start getting very interesting.

    We will start in Kakariko Village a village just outside Hyrule City/Castle (Hylian Royal Family).
    This is a firm spot to begin for we know Fire=Red, Forrest=Green, Water=Blue, Yellow=Light.

    What comes next is an inversion.
    • Village=Shadow and Desert=Spirit.
    The folks who make up the Village should be Spirit whom defend the Light, as the Desert represents barren, death, forsaken or "Shadow" like Ganondorf/Gerudos.

    This is very important and for the one who has played before may already know the Shadow in the Village is Foreign. We already off to a great start.

    "A monster that Plagues our people whom we have sealed away below the city."
    "Shadow" is obviously the polar opposite of "Light", as the Hylians are of the Light.

    Meanwhile, the "Spirit" must be found and reclaimed in the "Desert", which is home to Thieves/Matriarchy(Home of Feminism). Ganondorfs Tribe.

    Sound Familiar? Already, Links NatSoc Theory has already began to destroy the babble of so many other theories, and misinformation.

    Stick it out and you will begin to see just how connected these things truly are to the story, as will begin showing a whole new version of Zelda in which to my knowledge and theory you can not find anywhere else on the internet (Yet) and will demonstrate just how deep the Jew naming, connections, and story truly go. This is literally only the beginning. 

    What comes next will be inevitable.

    We must cover some basics. Whether you are not familiar with Zelda(You fixing to know it better, faster, and easier than ever before) or if you are Infatuated, I recommend reading these basics for future context and reasoning.

    In which a Lens of Truth must be acquired to see the unseen. (Knowledge)
    One of the Two most important items that will need to be gathered includes.

    Keep the color of the Lens of Truth in mind. This will become MASSIVELY important.

      2. A Mirror Shield in the Spirit Temple. (Self-Reflection), take notice of the color and design.

      Both will be necessary in order to acquire the "Master" Sword to vanquish "Demise" the demon of Darkness who Manifest himself within Ganondorf the (((Magician))) from the Desert who/ summoned and embodies the spirit of "Demise".

      Lets begin to Understand this HISTORY of Greed and Hatred.

      And with that we have reached the end of the synopsis of Zelda. To summarize in fewer words. Rid Hyrule of this Pure Evil Jewry that brings only death and misery.

      The amount of red-pills in this simple breakdown makes red-pilled rooster go crazy, as will go absolute berserk as we continue. Specially if you are aware of real "History".

      The Jew is being named on so many levels it is amazing its character was not scribbled in hieroglyphics somewhere. Let's just add one shall we.

      Keeping the Shadow, Spirit, Colors and Design in mind lets try and gather who is who. How do we do that? We follow the clues.

      Let's begin to Link some History, as well as propose an undeniable theory.
      We need a main focus point, and Zelda gifts us that focus point. Actually quite a few. It is up to you where to start: I advise for Those New to Zelda.{ Timeline, Race, Shield, Religion, Triforce }

      I have attempted to keep things as brief as possible. 

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