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Zelda NatSoc Theory : Race

Kill 2 birds with one stone. You know the Aryan(Hylian) Princess, Aryan(Hylian)Hero, and Aryan(Hylian)History of Zelda. But what about the other Races? Particularly Muslims and Jews?

There is yet another "Race" who without surprise, have a Massive Backstory. Which is just as long, complicated, symbolic, and Important as the Hylians(Aryan).
The Zoras. I wonder how that fits into Zoroastrian, or the Z in Zelda. How it connects at all to the Aryan/Hylians? The name says it all.
As the Fish to Bird is just another key to the puzzle.
Now what if this water/fish race is a clear link to Atlantis. Sure you can say I am stretching. However, Atlantis was a Paradise but like Babylon symbolizes the downfall of man, no different than Eden. Their appearance is very much as described in Hyperbora.
Without the Evolution makes no sense

The theory is however supported in Zelda that Zora are a dual Race by the way: aka Ritos, those who returned to the Skies.

Hylians are from Heavens Skies. (Depictions)
The theory the Zora represent Atlantians, moves us into Hyperboria concept territory. With their home being at the sea bed.Add in the crazy evolution add my theory and wahla. Zora/Ritos are clearly descendants of Hylians(Aryan).

Kida is cute and all and rationalizes the "Zora-Link" romance aspect to understandable.
However, I have seen this Blue Crystal Alot before and normally when the topic is on one particular aspect.
Atlantis, how fitting the same concept, design and Stone, is always repeated when "Time" is involved.

Not to mention Zoras reflect all qualities of Atlantians/Hyperborians, for Design, Majestic, Sophistication, and what have you. The whole narrative Nordicism is the core of Zelda at its finest.

Another Key Race are Gorons whom have a much less complicated, and less featured importance as say the Zora/Gerudo, however their key importance are known as the Hylians(Aryan) Closest Ally in Brotherhood.
Which could easily be seen as the overall masses of Hylians(Aryan), the strong working class workers in the mines that serve shoulder to shoulder with their Hylian(Aryan) Brothers when called upon to defend and go to war.

If Zoras/Rito are depictions and are in fact Hylians(Aryan), it is not far-fetched to say the same is not true for Gorons. In fact it makes more sense considering the Goron/Hylian Brotherhood(Aryan). Which in turn make the Zora/Rito even more so apparent and less far fetched.

As stated earlier about the Mirror Shield. The Gorons may also symbolize Muslims.
Whom are still Aryan of a different cloth, and far different than the Nordicism of the Zoras.
That's an entire another topic for another day.

Aryans as a whole despise Jewry.
Also important to note. The Gorons and Zoras were in Major Conflict.

I feel it is safe to assume this is due to what I am speaking about with the Atlantian Nordics vs Muslim aspect analogy.

Moving on...Then there is the Kokiri. Now other than possibly the greatest music in the series, let alone being the Earthly home of Link himself, and one of the most Iconic scenery of the world, all comes from the Land of the Kokiri. They are also Hylians(Aryan). Just like the Zoras, Ritos, and Gorons.

Who have always kept their human forms for the most part as children. Which is where things become a little dark. Now a lot of Zelda is VERY DARK! The meanings, lessons, messages that come out of the Darkness is Zelda is truly one of a kind, by returning the Light.

Confirmed by Nintendo the Kokiri were Hylian(Aryan) children who got lost in the KokiriWoods/FaronForrest, hence the "LostWoods". This plays off the Peter Pan concept as mentioned earlier. Depending on ones perspective the Death of the DekuTree set these Hylian(Aryan) children free.

(((Ganondorf))) may have done something tremendously Awesome on accident. Although this is purely perspective when considering the Deku Tree had indeed kept them safe, even looking over Link whom his Mother entrusted with his life.

The LostWoods would continue to be seen, however Kokiri Forest would no-longer exist after Ocarina of Time. Instead, the "cult" of lost children(Being destroyed) would become a settling ground for Hylian Families called Ordan Village in one timeline, completely eradicated in all the other timelines.

Meanwhile, there is another aspect not so dark and maybe even more so accurate that these Hylian Children were not enslaved, and instead were extremely cared for and protected. Evidence of this is seen with Saria and Links relationship. As Saria being the Forrest Sage.

However there is another forest race like the Kokiri known as the Deku Shrubs. Deku shrubs are yet another Depiction of Hylians(Aryan). The non kidnapped version. Unlike the Skull Kid of Stalfos

(Alot of seriously wrong theories on Skullkids, Stalfos - another time).

The Deku however are identical to the Deku Tree. Deku Tree is leader of the Deku Hylians(Aryan).
This is yet another depiction of Aryans in the woods. Best way to depict these types are imagine the. If you get lost, you are doomed, this is like fighting Elven like characters, Vietnamese in the Vietnam War is a good example to picture. 

You never see your attacker and their traps are everywhere. They are Neutral and "if you ain't from round here, then you are not welcome round here". Easy to mistake them as enemies.

This indeed gives more solid credit to my theory that these races are depictions and are indeed all Hylians(Aryan) race. Another key piece of evidence is found in Majoras Mask. Self explanatory.

Link can fit in to the 3 depictions, however can not fit in to the Gerudo. More on this later with evidence.

There are plenty of other examples, from Royal Family pacts, song, ritual, and many others I will not get into for I feel my case has been made solidly. In as few words as possible.
Much like German, American, Russian.

At the core sense of the bigger picture. All fought in Civil Wars for Land and Dominion, where all were granted a piece of the Land to be ruled how they saw fit. NatSoc in full effect.

Of course now we come to the the Gerudos. Jewish Desert Thieves that absolutely hate White Western Civilization who in turn launch a war to conquer the White Western Civilization and who resent and due to resentment believe they were punished unjustly by the Hyrule "Dictatorship". (Look At That NOSE!!)

Although it is the Gerudos that would end the Hyrulian Civil War between Zoras/Gorons to join forces with Hylians 

(NatSoc Deathsquads) to prevent the Gerudos from winning the war and cast Hylians into Darkness, under the Gerudo King Ganondorf.

This clearly says a lot about how accurate my theory is, specially given the war is Hylians vs Gerudoians. (110 Times Now, lmao)

It should become apparent nothing in Zelda is accident.


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