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Zelda NatSoc Theory : Shield&Link

The original "Mirror Shield" had a "Star and Moon Crescent" resembling the "Islamic" symbol but this was changed in later releases to the new Crest of the (((Gerudo))) because of (((outrage))) due to religious resemblance. Its Magical.

Whats the big deal?

Well the fact we have established the Triforce is Nordic Symbolism.
Link is Blonde hair, Blue Eyes, and Golden Blonde Hair are the Goddesses of Hyrule who incarnates as Aryan Princess Zelda.

Why would the shield be Islamic? Better question why remove the "Islamic Symbol"?
Of course the typical excuse is religion outrage, pc culture, and other ridiculous things that created outcry, complains, are all credited to all the supposed reasoning.

I think differently?  Keep in mind this is 1998 we are talking about.
Islam was not a big deal for another 3 years. As the "Gerudo" symbol being the "Islamic Symbol" was clearly no accident.

The message was already out now.

In which the removal met very little resistance from the Zelda team for it had no serious impact on the Zelda Story nor Gameplay. Zelda Team will find more genius ways of making this Clue "Link" even more so blatantly evident in future releases.

However, even with the removal lets follow this shield.
They had no idea. :) Sure, Sure.

The shield was and is a Massive Insight to one who is already Jew Woke or well read in History.

For the normal person they may not see the significance, to the curious this is a Massive key to Understanding Zelda.

For those who found the shield controversial are blind to the reasoning.

For those that think because of the shields removal disqualifies what I am about to say. Ask yourself why was this "Mirror Shield" in the Spirit Temple?

A Temple that is an outpost to thieving Jews? Jews are not Muslim nor Islamic.

Answer - we must also look at the second part of the Shield Controversy of the "Islamic Symbol" on the Mirror Shield which includes a soundtrack to the Fire Temple which was also removed.

The "Soundtrack" in the "Fire Temple" was a "Muslim Prayer".

If that is not a direct giveaway by now this was no accident, then consider this.
This hints to the "Mirror Shield" being "Stolen" for its "Light" which is found resting in the.
(((Gerudos))) "Evil Goddess Statue" hands in the desert. Damn Jewish Thieves.

Does the controversy make more sense now?
If this was all "accident", "unintentional" or "coincidence".
You are only deceiving yourself.

This destroys the notion Gerudos are Muslim, but in fact Jewish.

In which I know sounds out there but follow me, and keep in mind the Stolen "Mirror Shield" is "Red" for Fire Temple - not Spirit Temple.

Ok, that makes perfect sense but...

Mirror Shield originates in Minnish Cap in the Veil Falls/Death Mountain(Goron).
Which shows it was stolen by (((Gerudo))) in Ocarina of Time and taken to SpiritTemple in the Desert.
In the Fallen Timeline, although defeated seems the Mirror Shield was returned to the Gorons. Which gives insight on another matter which makes so much more sense... but not at this moment.

A Link to the Past - Turtle Rock/DeathMountain(Goron)
Links Awakening - Eagles Nest/TalTal Mountain Range(Goron)

In the Child Timeline, seems to be lost in the desert sand in the midst of a Civil War.

Majoras Mask - Bottom of well, similar to Kakariko village. never to have been collected which makes since due to Link never grew up still was stolen(But by Who?), but never made it to the spirit Temple was lost on route. As we notice a face not a symbol, referred to as a trapped soul of light, or your reflection.

Yet, in the Tombs of Ikana Castle. The design is even more so telling to reference.
(Now remember to keep the "Lens of Truth" Color in mind, now also keep the image of the Mirror Shield you see here)
Now remember to keep the "Lens of Truth" Color in mind,
now also keep the image of the Mirror Shield you see here
Adult Timeline.

"You must head for these two temples. Unfortunately, Ganon seems to have erected some sort of magical barrier down here in Hyrule, blocking our path to the temples. But...each temple should have another entrance high upon Hyrule's mountaintops, which are now islands above the sea."

— King of Red Lions {WindWaker - Earth Temple(Goron)}

So that is just pure Accident? Completely different Eras, TimeLines, Across Games, Release, and Platforms. That amount of detail is easily overlooked specially if this is all by mere chance.

We will come back to the Mirror Shield later.
As the Red Lions is also massive!

Official Promotional artwork of A Link to the Past & Link holding the Magic Shield
This is not the first time the Zelda Franchise came under attack for the Shield/Religious aspect.
Go figure Christianity and Islam
Now please keep in mind the Timeline, CRUCIAL!
It is amazing so Many still push the Timeline means nothing! Lets continue.

Important to understand that the Zelda Franchise is based off different timelines which indeed split.
Which I go into here Time-Line/Travel.

So the Mirror Shield- whats the big deal is probably what you may still be wondering.
Well let me ask you a question. What does this Happy merchant mean by this?

How did guy in Purple Happy MERCHANT 
get the Soul of the Mirror Shield?

The Ultimate Hand Rubbing Jew.

We know the Happy Sales Man is a Theif.
Ok, let's go back to the Triforce for just a moment.

We know the Triforce is Nordic and White Aryan Lineage(Hylian).
We know the Shield is in the Desert, which essentially is a Mirror of Self-Reflection.
So if the whole narrative is Aryan. and the Mirror Shield belongs to the Fire Temple, where Muslim Prayer is relevant(As well as Red).

Meaning the shield Belonged to the Gorons(Muslims) but was stolen by the Gerudos(Jews).
Yet Christianity is also prevalent.

So what has Christianity, Islam, and Jews, at a cross roads of a split timeline?

At this particular crossroads at The Spirit Temple ; Mirror Shield = Self Reflection, and Deception is the deciding factor of the Timeline. Its is when all three of these are interwoven that determines Fallen or Child/Adult.

Best-known symbols of Zoroastrianism, the state religion of ancient Iran. HOW FITTING!!!

By now you have the Lens of Truth (Do you remember what color it was?)
But how is that connection actually made without cherry picking?

Fasten your seat belt of how in your face Zelda has blasted the truth.

Zoroastrianism is Aryan Religion. Zelda is the Aryan Princess. Link is the Aryan Warrior.
Blonde Hair Blue Eyes is the most obvious theme.

To be clear I am not selling nor attempting to convert anyone to the belief structure. Neither is the Legend of Zelda. For clarification I am not Zoroastrian in belief. However, study of Zoroastrianism is one of the greatest Red Pilling topics. And can help one understand and see things they never saw or recognized before.
The name Zelda is a girl's name of German origin-which official alternative is Griselda, both meaning "Stone, patience and obedience."

Take the 14 words into mind.
For those unfamiliar with the 14 words, there are two versions, meaning the exact same thing

1. "Because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth."
2. "We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children"

This is also what Zelda represents as the Stone "Foundation".

As Zelda adds a Z=Zoroastrianism Link. As well as the wifes name of a personal hero of mine.

"God damn the continent of Europe. It is of merely antiquarian interest. Rome is only a few years behind Tyre and Babylon. The negroid streak creeps northward to defile the Nordic race. Already the Italians have the souls of blackamoors. Raise the bars of immigration and permit only Scandinavians, Teutons, Anglo-Saxons and Celts to enter. France made me sick. Its silly pose as the thing the world has to save. I think it's a shame that England and America didn't let Germany conquer Europe. It's the only thing that would have saved the fleet of tottering old wrecks. -Scott Fitzgerald
The other most noticeable is ZORAS DOMAIN where the ZORAS live.

Key concepts of Zoroastrian eschatology and demonology- influenced the Abrahamic religions.
The Principles of Zoroastrian were Good Thoughts, Good Words, Good Deeds.

There are many aspects of Christianity that were not drawn from Judaism but instead adopted
Zoroastrianism in mass, there is actually no adoption of Judaism- quite the contrary. In which is an entirely different thing in where is a major predecessor of Christianity and  Islam, with stolen text to deceive and manipulate Christianity and Islam.

Remember the Timeline Split after "Ocarina of Time".
1 is Christian, 1 is Zoroastrianism, 1 is a New World/New Religion.

Later a 4th will be introduced.

Fascinating stuff.

As of now it is absolute undoubted the (((Gerudos))) are Jews!
Also as of now it is absolute Hylians are European Whites, as Gorons are heavily attached to Muslims. More on this in -Race-.

We have established that Zoroastrianism(Hylia) is the Nordic Religion of Hyrule. Taking into account many factors such as Zoras Domain adore Hylia and Live in Waters named after her for a quick example.

We also know that Zoroastrians split into Islam/Christianity.

As so far I have backed these claims up extremely strong.
However, ONE DID NOT adopt Zoroastrianism in which is hardcore "Judaism"- The Jews.

So let's turn back to the Faith/Religions in Zelda Franchise and continue. Because surely there is no religion in Zelda right...right??  Or possibly you think I am making this up as I go, I prefer evidence.

Due to "differences in religion", the people(Aryans) of Hyrule believe the statue "depicted" by the Gerudo(Jews) in the Desert Colossus is of an "evil goddess".

Musava means "Vacuum" in Japanese.
That is certainly one great word to describe a Jewess.

According to Muava in Breath of the Wild,

"the (((Gerudo))) no longer believe in the Goddess Hylia. The (((Gerudo))) do believe in some sort of afterlife, from where (((their ancestors))) watch over them.The (((Gerudo))) have their own writing script, referred to as Gerudo Typography (((The Talmud)))."

This writing is found extensively on the architecture of the (((Gerudo's))) Training Ground and Spirit Temple.

"In which they raised their own Goddess, which was deemed evil and wicked to Hyrule as a whole".

This all further proves the Mirror Shield(The Reflection, Religion, Face, Light) of being stolen in "Ocarina of Time" and that the (((Spirit Temple))) was (((Gerudos))) rebellion to Hylia. Statues raised in blasphemy against her.

Just as Judens have done with Christianity.

Sound familiar?

The Spirit temple is nothing but a Synagogue. As the Mirror Shield reveals this as it shines light to Brighten up the darkness to combat this evil. Reclaiming our Spirits, religions, souls, and reflections to once again save Hyrule from these Jewredos.


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