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Zelda NatSoc Theory : TIME-Line/Travel

Race, Religions, Story, Artifacts, and History seem like random things. In fact, Links name was the first clue. Yes it is all Linked, your second clue was Time. Everything is meticulously connected.

Not every connection is a connection in Zelda, however, connections must be "Timeline" connected within timelines. Timelines must sync in order for connections to be relevant.

As I stated  I will FOCUS on "Ocarina Of Time." The Ocarina due to being the Central piece of the Story as well as being the most known to the masses.

Meanwhile, I will Jump Up and Down the Timeline to Solidify my Presentation.
(As I have done already for the Mirror Shield already) The Mirror Shield
(I did very softly do this in Race, but decided to stick with the Basics) The Races

However, the timeline is much more important THAN EVER especially now that many are attempting to say the Timeline is irrelevant (much like Our Own History), as the Zelda Dev Team Obviously "with Breath of the Wild" have proven that just is not the case.

Making the Story and Timeline even more so IMPORTANT. The Team was absolutely sure to make sure the Timeline of the Story is indeed Crucial.

Which if one reads this theory "Breath of the Wild" starts making Perfect Sense.

Please, keep in mind those that push the narrative the Timeline/Story is irrelevant are the same ones who will write off the Mirror Shield as a mistake. Really!

"Red" symbolizing Fire."Islamic Imagery", "Audio in the Fire Temple"giving acknowledgment to the"Islamic Imagery", found resting in the"Hands"of an "Evil goddess" who is worshiped by "Thieves." 

Random shield is perfectly placed, in sync with Timeline, throughout every game, era, across every platform...That is one well thought out "Mistake". Not to mention is even specifically drawn to a particular character, which I guess by mistake everything that "Link" (pun intended) leads to is also a mistake. You might as well say Zelda is just one Giant Mistake with this logic.

In Which lets just cover the Timeline real quick. Before jumping into the next part about the Islamic Symbol on the Mirror Shield, as Well as The Christian Magic Shield and concept art. How does it all connect starts with the Timeline.

The Mirror Shield with the "Islamic Symbol" appears in "Ocarina of Time" where the TimeLine Splits into three.

A "Link to the Past" comes specifically first in the "Fallen Timeline". A Crucifixion, A Christian Rebirth which spirals into the Ages/Seasons of (LoRule), which Leads into Links Awakening... bringing us to the "LEGEND OF ZELDA".

If link goes back in time and warns the Royal Family in the "Child Timeline" by Nameing the (((Ganondorf))) , (((Ganandorf) is expelled from Hyrule as banished to the "Twilight".

Meanwhile if "Link" is sent home there is no "Hero of Time" when Ganondorf returns.
This also may be one of the most inspirational Timelines.

With No Rising Hero to save Hyrule, it all rest on Faith of becoming a Hero of Time, from one who is not blessed to be the Hero of Time, but must fill the shoes to be a Hero of Time.
Go Gen-Z!

Time Travel

This is the aspect that confuses so many. The paradox of Time itself. The Only reason there is an Adult Timeline in the Zelda Series and for perfect reason does the Adult Timeline make perfect sense, and Point.

This is where Theory's really come to life. However, Time is very restrictive.

Seeing as the Temple of Time in the Ocarina of Time is where the Split occurs suggest this is where the power was harnessed as evidence of Insurrection Time Travel first takes place. Which led to the "Fall of Link"(Fallen Timeline).

As stated the "Child Timeline" was created from Princess Zelda sending "Link" back to his right time which led to the warning and death sentencing of Ganondorf.

As the "Adult Timeline" is the result in link going back in time.

I know that sounds like alot to take in, but I assure you it is not as complicated as it sounds. 

The "Fallen Timeline" was an insurrection of someone else knowledgeable, willing, and set on stopping "Link" by "Rewriting History". Making sure Link Failed. But who?

None other than Ganondorf, the sneaky, cunning, deceiving, mastermind. Who not only tricked "Link" once before to collect the spiritual stones for him and "Open the Door of Time". 

But who would deceive "Link" a second time by convincing Link to go back in Time in order to rescue the "Spirit Temple" Sage. When at the Spirit Temple this is the End of Ocarina of Time, the Final Boss Fight Never takes place for Link was successfully removed from "TIME". Ganondorf won creating the Fallen Hero Timeline. Link was Defeated as LowRule took over Hyrule.

Puts a whole new meaning to being Jewed, *cough 6 Gorillian cough*.

Upon returning to the Future freeing the Spirit Sage Ganondorf Fails. By default the Adult Timeline continues.

After Zelda sends Link back to his Original Time warning the Royal Family. Child Timeline continues.

The Ultimate Deception just like the (((Holocaust))), created a Defeated Link, Slain, and Crucified. A Timeline of Defeat. Is no wonder the Christian Symbolism exist in the Fallen Timeline.
Now disclaimer - many say Upon return to child link there should be another TimeLine, as returning to adult link should be another Timeline. So 2 timelines are missing. This is indeed not true. If time travel was indeed possible and not just theory, a extremely tiny handful would change anything at all. For the Mass Population are irrelevant. Fixing ones marriage, or what have you has 0 effect in the overall.

You would still be killed by Ganon with your new loved spouse or what have you, and nothing changes. Or Hylians successfully stop and put an End to Ganon in which congrats on your lovely spouse but no effect what so ever in the overall.
As for duplication Zelda only appears in Child, Tetra is the Incarnation Descendant in Adult, as Hilda becomes the defeat Zelda remain with Links Awakening and Princess Hilda.
Zelda did a great job covering all bases. Yet so many say it was "Unintentional"...
Sure sure what ever you want to believe.
See easy- not complicated at all just basic cause & effect.   

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