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Zelda NatSoc Theory : The Triforce

The Triforce. One of the Most iconic Symbols in the World. But what does it mean, what does it do, why is it so popular. The answer is one for Everybody, not just Zelda fans.

Starting with: "The Legend of Zelda’ has many Pagan and/or Shaman themes and pre-historic symbolic references. Worldy religions and such are in many productions as is no secret nor mysterious in any sense of the word. However, prepare to see Zelda in a way you have never seen it before.

The Triforce which is the most famous Center Symbol of the Entire Franchise and is referred to as “The Golden Power” in ancient Hylian literature. As an omnipotent sacred relic, representing Essence of the Golden-haired Goddesses whom defends the realm of Hyrule.

The Triforce in legend is more so practical in reality and appeared where the fallen departing the realm for the heavens or Valhalla: “hall of the slain." So at core "The Triforce" is based on ancient Nordic Rune symbolizing the Nine Worlds.
You start seeing where 9Neins got its inspiration.

However, Zelda goes much deeper than symbolism. Which I go into here Religion/Faith.

If you did not know that, the more you know. If you did, well prepare to witness the Triforce in all its glory.


The Triforce!!!

3 Pieces? Water(Wisdom), Fire(Power), Earth(Courage).
But there is a Fourth piece that is missing.

A 4th Piece that is Invisible/Hidden or In Shadow surrounded
by the other 3 Pieces...Look in the Middle... the inverted one.

Lets keep in mind the name of Hyrule = High-Rule.
As there is also another Kingdom called LoRule = Low-Rule.

Simple enough. But, what the Triforce does not do like the one in Nordic tradition is interlock.
Or does it?
Let's look closer, if the 4th Piece is a Portal being sealed by the other 3 pieces. Causeing the Interlock, much like in Nordic Tradition.

Slap me and call me crazy but I have a serious question...What if the 4th piece is "Time"?

The White Line seems to represent Lorule(LowRule). If it ever rose to Hyrule, the demonic Jews and their Satanic Symbol is clearly seen.

Notice the only "Purple" medallion(Purple Inverted Triforce Piece),
As well as the color of the door of time.

What comes through those gates when opened? Ah, right demonic Judens... I mean demons.

{If you read the previous article before jumping straight to the Triforce remember I told you to Remember that color}.

The Low Rule/Darkness is Jewry.
Full of Hatred and "Malice". Who seek "Demise" their DemonLord.

The Temple of "Time" is to ensure they never get what they want most of all. They already have incredible "Power"(Ganondorf). (((Media))), (((Banks))), (((Blackmail on Politicians))), etc. even their Tax funded Terrorist organization like ADL, SPLC, or what have you.

With the Wisdom(Zelda), and Courage(Link), WE must seal the "Fourth Piece", in which is inverted in the center, which indeed opens the gate to "Hell".

Whoa, slow down just one second. These are big claims.

Indeed they are so...allow me to introduce the proof of the Fourth Triforce piece.
Again how PERFECT!!!

Inverted Triforce Piece positioned within 3 circles(the other 3 Pieces)

Purple, Purple everywhere is posed, Time is Death with Jewish Nose.
Spot the Purple out of these Titles.
Notice both are "Time" (LoRule), even more so connects 2 timelines the "Fallen" and the "Child".

4 Links? 1 is Purple.
This also gives Solid Weight to my Race Theory.

Noticing the Common Theme?
Now lets cover the Triforce once again.

Notice the Triforce is Inverted. Symbolizing Low-Rule.
What color is everything?

Redhair(Gerudo), Inverted Triforce on chest plate , Purple, Pig, Low-Rule.

Redhair, Gerudo, Purple, Inverted Triforce.
Look at that nose. While the Jewess witch tries to hit you with the LGBT stick. :)

I could continue forever with the examples, yet I think I have made my point with wase.
Everything is hidden in plain sight.

"Beyond Gerudo Fortress and past the Haunted Wasteland are a goddess statue and the Spirit Temple. Because of differences in religion, the people of Hyrule say the Desert Colossus depicts an evil deity. Thieves loyal to Ganondorf and Nabooru use it as a base of operations, and experiments in brainwashing using magic are conducted there."

What other characters in the game show this constant imagery, idea, ninja like, spies, and thieves? Since we are warned of MK-Ultra.

There is that purple again!! Same as Gerudo weapon choice, style, and traits. The "Garo" are deceased Gerudos, as we will soon see other Gerudos who were banished called Twili, who are a mix of Gerudo/Sheikah..

Yet lets stay on Garos for they give another piece of the puzzle.
Anyone that has played Zelda knows the most Famous of the Garo/Sheikah.

There that Purple again...

"They are merely shells that are empty on the inside. They're the shells of spies from an enemy nation sent to investigate Ikana. They have been unable to forget their living days. Even now their spirits--emptiness cloaked in darkness--continue to spy." — Pamela's Father

"I can't see it, but I sense there's a thirst for blood looming all around us... Don't you have a mask that can summon the unseen?" — Tatl

Keep in mind the "Lens of Truth" .

So Purple is playing a Massive Role!!! More so than ll the others. As seen with the Mirror Shield, but it does not stop there. Things go much more specific, read more about that here.
For now we will stay on this specific topic in understanding the Triforce.

Such as Majoras Mask Title is "Purple" signifying is taking part in Lorule.
Termina = Lorule. (More on this later)

Let me guess just another "Mistake"?
There is no way one can deny what I have written is the most commonsense thing written on the Zelda Series.

Unless all out denial.
The Message Has Always Been Right in Plain Sight.
The Timeline HAS NEVER BEEN FLAWED, everyone simply refused to accept what was in front of them, or were conciously unaware.

Now we have many things to consider. Religion, Race, Triforce, Hy-Lo(Rule), and TimeLine.
Not to mention The Mirror Shield and The Color Purple, the fourth piece, all centered on "TIME".

How did guy in Purple get the Soul of the Mirror Shield?

The Ultimate Hand Rubbing Jew.
A Terrible Fate of Blood Stained History

Lets quick recap. Hylians(Aryan), need to stop the Gerudo(Jews) from combining Hyrule with Lorule.

If they ever merge Hell will be brought to the service as Ganondorf/Demise shall Rule in Darkness!
Well what would that exactly look like had Hyrule and Lorule ever merged.

Yes, LoRule has invaded Hyrule many times, throughout the Centuries. Heros of Time have stood up against them Time and Time again. When Lorule comes so does degeneracy, the faithless, the hunger, everything inverted, no truth, and only death.

The Inverted Piece of the Triforce is Purple, for Purple represents Shadow, as Shadow is Time.

Time is exactly all (((Ganondorf))) has in the Shadows. Hence this is why the Nordic Rune is Interlocked. Symbolizing a Seal (How fitting once again, just another mistake?).

How about we add up all these "Mistakes". Which have systematically been displayed and only becoming more and more obvious.

Who and what is Ganondorf? A Jew.
Who and what are Gerudos? Jews.
Who and what are Jews? Communist.

For those that have played Majoras Mask, remember how dark, sad, and tragic the game was.
Remember how the Title was in Purple. Accident? No! So many Perfect cohencidences.

A land called Termina which means Terminal.
(final, ending, ultimate,fatal, mortal, lethal, death, end)

The main city is "Clock Town". (Time)
This is Lorule!

Where everyone is terrified just waiting for the end while counting down the days.
A place where souls are ripped, Misery is everywhere, With no Hope in sight.

And yes the Title is Zelda written in Purple(Time)
This will connect with the other Title Ages which is Also Purple, which was part of what was called the "Triforce Series", a trilogy with each title associated with a piece of the Triforce.
and Mystical Seed of Courage which was never released.

Or Was It?

The complexity of coordinating three games caused for the cancellation of the third title, Mystical Seed of Courage. Or did it?

Considering what we know from Colors, Purple=Shadow/Time, Red(Power), it is safe to assume being the ONLY other colored Zelda Title - Four Swords Adventures is(Green) which would give you your trilogy.

Scroll up to the list of Title Screens and see for yourself. Which gives a MUCH clearer meaning of what is going on now.

Let me guess that was just another mistake too right? :)

Even though it would flawlessly Connect the Child Timeline back before the Timeline Split of the Four Swords, to continue down the Fallen Timeline. While Maintaining dire importance in the Child Timeline.

As well as Once Again connecting Child Timeline((Termina)death) to the Fallen Timeline((Holodrum)genocide) and ((Labrynna)trapped).

Also goes even further to concrete my race theory as well as showcases just how important the Timeline Truly is. Dont forget the Mirror Shield I covered here also Shield.
More on all of this in the future. But I will hint "Holodrum"(Holodomor) is not complicated nor "Labrynna"(Labyrinth) to understand what is Zelda.

We are reaching a point where you cant just keep saying these are all just thoughtless mistakes, accidents, cohencidences, or what have you. The percision across the board, meticulously placed and connected, down to the very landscapes, to color schemes.

To the Placement of how the Triforce is placed on the box

In time, pun intended.
Whoa that escalated quickly, lets ascend back up, and get back to Zelda.
It gets even better. When you know what you are looking at, things just start clicking into place with no force at all.:)
Everything becomes so obvious.

This is where the Interlopers, Sheikah, and Twili, come into play. Remember that "Lens of Truth", the Shadow "Medallion", Their "Color Purple", as the well the "Symbol". To Understand the Sheikah we must know who Impa is.

"Someone must stay behind to watch over this blade. His spirit must not reawaken. He must never be allowed to threaten the world again. This is the nature of the task given to my tribe. As a member of the Sheikah, the goddess's chosen guardians, I gladly welcome this duty. Zelda, I shall watch over the Triforce." — Impa

"Zelda, at the command of the goddess, I passed through the Gate of Time. I did so to protect you and aid the fight to prevent the world's destruction." — Impa

"It took you far too long to get here. Looking at you, I fear the goddess is mistaken in her choice of agents. If this failure is any indication, you have no hope of defending Her Grace from those who seek to assail her." — Impa

Impa is "TIME"! The Fourth Piece.
The Sheikah guarded the Gate of Time. As the symbol is the very symbol of the "Lens or Truth". The Sheikah are not generally bad but became resentful of Aryan dominion, against Impas wishes. This is the cataclysm story in the Bible known as the Fallen Angel and his 1/3 that followed. The Sheikah who followed the Fallen one became known as the Interlopers, Masters of Shadow magic.

They crafted a device called the Fuse Shadow in secret and teamed up with the (((Gerudos))) to overthrow Hyrule by claiming the Triforce for themselves creating the (((Gerudo Curse))) of only one boy and he shall be King.

However there would be another crafted also. Not to mention the "Hover Boots, Lens of Truth, Gossip Stones, the Mask of Truth, or the All Night Mask Torture Device" for a quick look at the marvel technologies. Also notice their obsession with MASKs. Have we not seen this guy before?

Fun Fact to capitalize on my Race Theory. Even if Link wears the Garo mask he is seen as an Imposter.
As the mask are created from Souls in which Link can use to become Zora, Goron, Deku.
But never a Gerudo! 
(Tell Tale Signs are everywhere)

"Among those living in the light, interlopers who excelled at magic appeared. Wielding powerful sorcery, they tried to establish dominion over the Sacred Realm." — Lanayru (Twilight Princess)

"What do you think happened to the magic wielders who tried to rule the Sacred Realm? They were banished. They were chased across the sacred lands of Hyrule and driven into another realm by the goddesses." — Midna(Twilight Princess)

Twilight Princess Midna is (((Gerudo)))
Yet all this Soul Stripping, Time Obsession, Shadow Magic, is under one symbol.
Ask yourself who offers you this Mask? And Why?
Let me Guess all "Mistakes"?
Sure, Sure

The Triforce is what brings everything together into focus. It is the Key to understanding how and why everything else connects. This was longer than I intended, but there is so much more. As you will see.

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