NineNeins Update--

We have spent an incredible amount of time creating an infrastructure dependent on 0 3rd Parties, or in the least as few as possible. (currently 2 - will be only 1 by Dec 1st).

The Main Core we originally envisioned was a BraveMeta Login system. In which we have nearly fully accomplished. So here some current updates of the coming to a close projects we have been working on.


Our Login process is Extremely simple -
(1)Download Brave here, add the MetaMask Extension, and Login to access ALL of NineNeins content, Play NineNeins, Ad-Free.
The newest feature added was a beautified menu/login upon arrival to Nine-Nein platforms, faster integration, and injection for a total fast checkout, simple contribution, automatically summed, as well as Subscription if one was interested. In as little as 2 clicks.

We originally had concepts for making 9Neins Mobile, however that would make us dependent on Google Play and other App stores. This is not a feasible option, as carrying the App Separately is just as non-feasible with all that goes into Apps, Updates, not to mention Trust and Security. So we have scraped the mobile platform for now.

Do not fret mobile users, there is still a way to join in Nine-Neins, Contribute, Ad-Free, and even a way to still enjoy Playing Nine-Neins on your Mobile Devices.

There is an extra step which will still require the Instructions mentioned for the Browser above (1), with an extra step of downloading the MetaMask app. This will allow access into the world of Nine-Neins... however, our Framework is built on Brave. Think of the MetaMask App as the App Store for Nine-Neins.


Nine-Neins records absolutely nothing, plants 0 cookies, tracks zilch in the respect of absolute privacy. Nine-Neins Dev Team understands we are in the industry of Developments, not Data Gathering. Once you Download Brave you can test this for yourself. Verify what we claim to be true for the beauty of transparency.

Yes, We have DarkMode! In which is still being incorporated as new artwork is finished in overall design. Our DarkMode is synced to NineNein.Com as well as 9Neins.Ga. Meaning if you select "Darkmode" at 9Neins.Ga, when you visit NineNeins.Com you will be greeted with Darkmode and vice versa. This is accomplished by using local-storage. To make it possible for the Entire NineNeins Platform (9Nein.Ga, NineNeins.Com, PlayNineNeins.Ga) and all sub-directories are synced.


Will be the Official webpage as the Development continues. We are moving quickly to remove that last 2 instances of Google from our Platform. As this occurs, the Blog will be moving, however, this transition will not be visibly seen. However, we will be dropping a Google product very soon, to ensure a 100% stable Nine-Neins Platform.

Is our official Blog and will be undergoing a final test run very soon to ensure the fundamental transition goes smoothly and unnoticed. :)

All of our Sponsors, Affiliates, and Ads are 100% controlled by NineNeins. None of our ads will track, record, or set cookies. We accomplished this by working the ads on the Nine-Neins side to ensure that everything on the Nine-Neins Platform is Un-rooted.

Our Advertisements, Sponsors, and Affiliates help keep the Nine-Neins Development in harmonic motion.Also, important to mention. Every Ad on Nine-Neins is a Product, NineNeins actually uses. Meaning we would recommend our Ads without Compensation as we had done so since our creation. Today, those same companies we supported from the beginning, now support us back, making it possible that you can support us, while we support them, as they grant the opportunity to support us. Together we are stronger.

Discord has become our Central Communication. Which offers even more in-depth, (Discord only features.), and a place for those who want to join our team, just hangout with great frens, chat, share, connect and network. Discord really has become the Central Hub of the Nine-Neins Community.


Nine-Neins Game Development has been paused — and set to Resume after Christmas Break — for a Beta-Release Jan 29th.

The reason for the pause is to put all focus on finishing the Nine-Neins Platform. The team is small and stretched pretty far. So a pause is necessary to have all hands on deck to solidify the final work on the Nine-Neins Platform we are so close to finishing.


It should become quite obvious we have worked extremely hard to make Security, user Ease and Introduction to the Decentralized Web as easy as possible. Just as easy as Paypal, Faster than Google, and Absolutely Safe and Anonymous.

Exciting days ahead.
We have come so far, please consider supporting us simply by getting on the Nine-Neins Platform by downloading Brave. Contributions, Join the Team, get Involved, every little bit helps rebuild the Propaganda Ministry. Even if its a pack of Ramen, that typically generates an 8 hour work day, or a cup of coffee. :)

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