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Already Media Sensation

9-Neins is still in development. It seems our enemies are attempting to build an army to take us on. Well in that case. Bring it On!


We have been removed from every platform (Youtube, Facebook, and Payment Processors, etc.) for quite a few years now.

We set out with one single goal, and that goal was simply to rebuild our own network, platform, and finance options on our shoe-string budget. Today we are nearing that goal.
9-Neins has spent a considerable amount of time building from the ground up. This is more than basics such as design/operations but also includes removing every 3rd party which goes even as far as cutting out all dependencies where ever they can be cut. This has been tricker than it sounds, you will be amazed just how much BIG Tech Corporations control.
Which is what led us to building and creating our new Server/Terminal, which we are in the phase of finishing as I type this. If you like to Support Us on this venture and journey feel free to Check Out our Sponsors or Contrib... everything received is deeply appreciated and all goes into 9-Neins development.

In the midst of ALL of this hard work, dedication, love, and passion.

It would appear our adversaries are watching very closely trying to figure out how to shut us down now since we are dependent on absolutely no-one they can control. Which means, We are Not the easy task of flipping a switch to make us disappear organizations/developments.

This is one of 9-Neins best accomplishments so far in which we have only plans of expanding and improving as we continue forward. As it would seem, (((they))) are very aware - which is evident due to the Juden calling for an army of degenerates, furries, and fags to stop us.

Now, I am sure 9-Neins will be illegal to download as we near closer and closer to release, in which I am sorry to those who cannot participate in playing our awesome New Game or even join in on our other projects: let alone evn join the conservation.
There are ways however to get involved and/or download 9-Neins if it is banned in your area.

1. Voting them Jews and everything/anything thats Jewey out of Power.
2. Throw them Jews out of your countries once and for all.
3. Visit NineNeins.com and download 9-Neins or Play-9Online with your friends for FREE with no Hooknose yelling nasally at you for doing so.

We will continue to pursue our end. However, this will inevitably be up to all of you.
Always remember 9-Neins is more than a Game, It is a Development.

9-Neins is nothing Without your support, participation, and love. I thought it would take longer before having to deal with these international hyenas. Hence, the promo campaign as been nearly non-existent up until now.

But, it is what it is. Let's get this party started.
Why wait for these Satanic Jews to bring it to us with their pathetic attempts to force MORE CENSORSHIP using Tech Giants like EA and other Gaming Companies to surrender their value to instead worship these Pedophile Vermanic Kikes... when its funner to bring the Gen-Zyklon party to them and Make Gaming Great Again one Jew Naming Link at a time.

May Summer Begin, Que-Mr.Bond.


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