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This week has shown the difference between the Negro and the Niggers. I have no hatred towards the Negros even tho I push separatism which is just natural law. I however, understand the strife of the Negro in which is fighting against the very same Satanic Jew that Dominates the Dark neighborhoods - in which Whites are and have been combating for a millennia.

It is the Satanic Jewish Children that wants no peace, bringing misery, pain, and suffering with their army of Darkness. Spreading their degeneracy, poisons, and cancerous anti-christ rhetoric. In which the Negro folks stand no chance. Which is not a judgement but merely an observation.

We see the same Demonic presence that has crept into the White neighborhoods over the past few decades, yet again. However, my heart is not hardened to the other races whom are being torn apart by the (((Devils Children))). In fact, how can I help the others when My own have fallen into this Judeo babble and ally with the same niggers and jews that have torn the Negro Family to shreds?

I am just honest with the Negro.

I say this at a time when the talking point narrative is the (((Jews))) "want a race war", and that may be true specially since the Niggers have been mobilized into battle. Yet again, that is just the consequence for years of niggers Slaughtering Whites. Haiti, South Africa, I can go on to the Refugee Rapist of Europe and back here at home in America.

This war had been brewing for DECADES! It is not new, nor manufactured.
Every Action has a Consequence. I will not shed a tear for a single Nigger that does not survive said war, my heart will break for the Negros whom had done nothing wrong.

Just as God enforced power during passover, or the countless times an example had to be made. Just as Moses watched as Egypt became Plagued and the Innocents whom were caught in the cross fire. However, war is war.

Which brings me to unity, in what sense of the word should I take what any Nigger says- whom is part of BLM and other groups such as? In what world would anybody ally with armies of misguided hatred filled ideologies in which are funded and led by (((godless satanist))).

I will tell you this no person with any intelligence. The Negros should be more suitable to deal with their own as they should. Yet, I see Good Whites getting involved with Negro affairs that has nothing to do with them. Which only leads to yet another Trojan Horse.

How are these empathetic whites helping the Negro? When they are doing the same exact thing the jew does, meddling where they don't belong. Imagine if these same whites put that much energy in their OWN people and combat the source and not the symptom.

If they really cared for the Negro the way they portray on cameras... then why are they mongrelizing? How is that helping, let alone why are they doing the Devils work bringing abominations upon the Earth. Sacrificing their own for another? trading their own children for others? This is demonic!!

You can say what I am saying is Racist when I am simply speaking Bible. If you believe in Christ then this truth should be easy to understand. By fighting these truths, a RaceWar is exactly how this will all end.
Babylon 2020.

The Negros have to find themselves: anything other is insulting to the Negro. No different than Whites need to Rekindle their sparks. Only then will the Racial tension cease, only then can both live in his and her own communities respectfully.

Failure to do these simple things... will be Us vs Them. The Them vs Us nonsense will come to an end in a river of blood make no mistake about that. Just Historical Fact.
Meanwhile, take note the niggers have already began their Final Siege with the Jewish blessing, very Kosher media. Retaliation is inevitable if words such as these are ignored. For every White that is killed 100 Niggers will be laid to waste. This is not racist, this is commonsense.

I pray Negros find the strength to get theirs in check, No different than those like me working relentlessly to get my Own in check. I only pray to God lives are not lost senselessly. Although history tells me differently. Christ is the only way, those that these words fall on deaf ears...

Il pray for you, Lord Almighty knows we could all use more Prayer.

This Satanic Power is relentless but I agree if both camps get their shit together, turn back to the Bible, put your Faith in God, your path aligned with Christ.

Only with God can we stop these parasitic Satanic Jews and expel them once again. A nation of Faith can restore our Glory and then lets see where the chips fall afterwards.

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