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Download Guide.

9Neins Setup

To Download and Install 9Neins on Pc/Mac follow along.

1. If you have not already zip over to the  9Neins Blog.  
In the NavBar click Nine-Neins Micro Client

 Mobile Nav bar will appear different, same concept.

2. This will bring you to the Download Page. There are a few different options."Free, Full, and Beta"

Free - will allow uninterrupted play, with many elements, content, and features obscured.
Full - Is the game in its entirety.
Beta - Is a version for those who like testing.

The Demo is the Free Version and will be available by simply choosing your device.

Full Version is the Paid Version and Unlocks Everything other than the Special Contrib Achievements in which are dedicated to support those that helped make everything possible, like a tip jar, which unlocks specific things in Category.
Avi - Video,  Audi - Music,  Arty- Art, and Pyth- Code.
Avi unlocks bonus Scenes, Video, and Missions.
Audi unlocks bonus Scenes, Music, and Missions.
Arty unlocks bonus Scenes, ArtWork, and Missions
                        Pyth unlocks bonus Scenes, 5 Wishes, and Missions. 
So lets jump back to the Demo Version, and get into the World of 9Neins. Once you have selected your device. The Page will redirect to a MegaDownload. The Newest Version will always be linked and shown on the Download page. 
Auto-Update will be a future option for anyone that like Auto-Update Functions.
There are a few Options here. However, considering most do not use MegaDownload Everyday. We will simply hit "Download". If you like to also get the MEGADesktop extension great I "Highly Recommended it". All in all would just add another step, which is not part of, nor a required download for the 9Neins Download/Install(Will Be required in future for auto-update to work).

Now there are many ways to do this next step... I want to cover a full proof way so that it is clear, basic, and Easy for even the most non-tech savvy.

After the file is DownLoaded, create a New Folder(Left Click), Rename it "9Neins".
 Drag the Downloaded 9Nines File into the New "Renamed" Created Folder as seen above.

Then we will open that new folder and see the DownLoaded 9Neins File,
Left Click and Select "Extract Here".(This will Extract it in this Folder).

Once the File is Extracted should take just a few seconds the Final Folder will appear.
Open it, Select the 9Neins.exe, and Welcome to the World of 9 Neins.

Mac is the same process. With different File-Names, extensions, etc.
Mobile will be released at a later date, for a lot of reworking necessary to bring 9Neins to the Mobile market.

Once the Full paid Version is Available this option of Installing will be perfect for those that join the BETA Testing Team for easy Update and Downgrading between Versions.

Thank You for Playing 9Neins, as I hope this Guide made it as easy as possible.

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