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Q: What is Nine-Neins?

A: Nine-Neins is our current priority project. A game in general, a story most certainly, filled with amazing content by those most worthy of mentioning in an open/sandbox/rpg for Pc/Mac/Mobile.

Q: How do I play Nine-Neins?

A: Download/Install

Q: Do you advocate Violence?

A: No, I advocate militarization.

Q: How do I contribute to the goal?

A: Finacially - MetaMask is the Paypal of 9Neins. Also Built into 9Neins.
DownLoad/Setup MetaMask

However, Bookmarking 9Neins. Follow on WorldTruth, Hit us up on Gab, Sharing Articles, dropping JewNameingLink Memes, and supporting all those featured on the 9Neins Platform. So many great minds, with great messages, content, and products. We all on the same mission. There are so many ways to contribute, and everyone of them we are deeply appreciative of. Stronger Together.

Q: What is the purpose of this site/blog?

A: The MAIN purpose is to Promote, Distribute, and post Nine-Neins Development updates.

The Secondary purpose. This is my only platform so in turn became a Landing Page for my other works, articles, projects, etc.

The Third purpose - is to have a little Niche, a home to deliver current events, updates from NatSocs, a Central NatSocHub loaded, and Linked to all the great creators. Together we are stronger. Also a clean efficient archive for the most need to see literature, videos, lectures; as due to censorship- NatSoc content is quickly removed daily, backing up and preserving seems like an obligation to make sure that it does not disappear from the web.

Mission seems simplistic enough, however, the implications I hope are beneficial not only to our content and products, but to all Alt-Right/NatSoc content, Creators, and Affiliates.

Q: Why a blog and not a website?

A: A website was a nightmare and a massive headache. We use to have a site before it was taken down at 4thReich.org. A blog serves the same exact function, same feeling, and same layout... I honestly do not see the difference. So we decided a blog would be our best option.

Easier to jump Blog to Blog than it is to jump Site to Site.

Q: How does Discord work?

Simple, click Join, done.
Newest Option is WorldTruth.MX.
This blog is designed to be short, sweet, and to the point. Due to recent trivialities, I will make this "About" as short as possible. My time within the inner workings of cyber-worlds social media is nearly depleted. There are far more other ways to communicate, reach out, etc.; without constant harassment, potential lawsuits, and the headache of Bans, Gulags, Wait Times, and other ridicules nuisances. Monero, Etherum, and Bitcoin – for those who know how to use CryptoCurrency. If you have not already downloaded MetaMask for the easiest Crypto experience on the web please do so now. Specially if new to the Cryptoworld.



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