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(When Nine-Neins V.1 is released. Free Demo links will be available here.)


We like to present our new Original Game "Nine-Neins".
So many people to thank, many more to credit, and even more who without this would not be possible.

Full Attributions will be accredited in the "About", "Credit Role", and will also be available on the "Game Development Blog" once officiated.

Please keep in mind there is a lot of hard work and dedication tied up in "Nine-Neins".
We are in this because we Love It. Our passion, however, does not help cover Project cost.
We are by far no corporation, with endless credit lines, and time. As our outreach is limited.
Please consider contributing or sponsoring.

-Nine Neins Plot-

"A daydreamer who finds himself lost in his own thoughts faced with linear and sandbox game changing choices."

The last year of the academy before graduation- If only things were that simple. With the world at war moving closer to the city with every passing day, conflicting beliefs, friends or foe, political rivalries, choices beyond belief, and of course, there is always the girl.

The only thing that stands between you and graduation is everything except school.

-Game Play-
RPG, 2-3d, Linear, Sandbox
Every Choice you make will change the story, as every option has a Reward and a Consequence. You decide!


*Many PlayThrus*

Release Not Determined

This blog is designed to be short, sweet, and to the point. Due to recent trivialities, I will make this "About" as short as possible. My time within the inner workings of cyber-worlds social media is nearly depleted. There are far more other ways to communicate, reach out, etc.; without constant harassment, potential lawsuits, and the headache of Bans, Gulags, Wait Times, and other ridicules nuisances. Monero, Etherum, and Bitcoin – for those who know how to use CryptoCurrency. If you have not already downloaded MetaMask for the easiest Crypto experience on the web please do so now. Specially if new to the Cryptoworld.



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