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NineNeins Sponsors:

Every company, 3rd Party, Software, Hardware, Product, and Service are highly recommended by NineNeins. Not due to compensation or someone writing us a check.

There will be no advertisers whom products/services NineNeins does not use ourselves to be promoted, whether by the Dev Team or personally. For transparency the advertisers we are reaching out to, and how WE feel are beneficial for everyone involved.

Brave - (Free.) A Browser of Privacy, Security, and 9-Neins Core.

GlassWire - (Free and Paid.) for Monitoring your Network to spot suspicious activity such as malware in a Beautiful UI that is easy to use.

Wondershare- (Free and Paid.)

Wondershare has many products(Like Adobe) but only 2 of them do NineNeins Recommend and promote.
UniConvert and PDFelement.

Starting with UniConvert - the best HANDS DOWN video/audio converter. I started using this product quite a long way back, and have never looked back since then. Try it yourself, you wont regret it.

PDF element is the other Wondershare Product in which we all at NineNeins have switched to for PDF e-books and documents for ease and simplicity. This is one of the most elegant, no bloat, and gentle giants that simply does what you expect it to do. PDFs.

Hostinger the recommended place to host your website or blog.

Grammerly - (Free and Paid.) A top tier spellchecker.

This is not one that needs introduction.

Grammerly is most certainly one of the best Spell-Checkers with nearly no competition in the arena. One of the most notorious for all the RIGHT reasons.

{In Process}

CCleaner - (Free and Paid.) The best in class computer management.

ProtonMail/VPN - (Free and Paid.) Secure encrypted Email which bundles our recommended VPN.

MalwareBytes - (Free and Paid.) The best in class for deep-scans.

{Finally Future Outlook}

There are plenty of other software out there we use, but the majority will never need them or else we promote them. 9Neins has no ambition or outlook to being a Software Store.

Our advertisers are what we classify as the Basics EVERY computer should have and use.

9Neins wont get rich by any means off our advertisers. Nor was that(or is) the goal.

The promotion of great products, by great companies, providing Must Have tools, for the Average person to access, so that they are protected are able to share videos and audio, Chat & Email with peace and mind while surf the Web in confidence and privacy all at a cost of very affordable.

In exchange 9Neins gets a few dollars to maintain web-cost such as clouds, servers, and hosting to keep us online.

Its a Win - Win - Win.

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